ParadokS  /  26 Mar 2012, 02:40
First Draft Sunday over.
With 9 out of 10 games played, loads of really tight games and more than a few upsets, I would say this first Draft Sunday was a huge success. To get a complete overview of what actually transpired, watch match reports, download demos and more, go checkout the latest article on the official Salvation Draft Site.
2012-03-26, 06:11
Have to agree with Para. Best thing to happen in QW since 2008 or something like that. I had really nice time to play again even I was rusty as hell. If you have time, download demo vs Darkki's team (dm2) and see how 100h sg guy will own 200a/100h rl quad in start, I can't watch it but I must miss like 10-15 sg shots D. Well I didn't expect anything else and hope Milton didn't ether, maybe I got a spark to get some shape again

Hope Darkki can enjoy about games in upcoming nights. As well as Moltas, I heard he had something bad to say about these games. Also watched some other matches and have to say that En_Karl has raised his level a lot in last 3-4 months, but ofc he has really nice teammates also. It will be super exciting to see who will win this tournament.
2012-03-26, 08:08
Well done everyone, admins and players!
2012-03-26, 09:03
I suppose Darkki gambled picking Fix. Group A seems cleared than group B which seems to be group of Death. Btw, any idea why Milton is in group A and not in group B?
2012-03-26, 09:08
#3, has to do with seedings, #1 and #4 went to Group A, #2 #3 to Group B etc. Pretty standard procedure when making groups with seedings.

Was fun playing these games yesterday! Group B certainly is the group of death where anyone can beat anyone pretty much. Making predictions for that group must certainly be a pain in the ass.
2012-03-26, 10:51
Seemed like a fun event for participants and specs. Well done!
2012-03-28, 06:59
Awesome games to watch, very entertaining. Props to everyone involved, not only the players!
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