ParadokS  /  14 Mar 2012, 15:11
Salvation pre-season update
We are still in the pre-season phase of this new 4on4 draft concept and the tournament has seen a lot of interest already. Captain replacement, live stream update and picking orders for captains are some of the things you can read up on here.
Moltas has taken a seat at the captains table replacing Striker in the lowest seed group. StrikeR will not be able to play the 2nd weekend of group games and feels he cannot fully commit as a captain. He has however signed as a player and whether or not it's worth the risk to pick him up aiming for the end-stage of the tournament is entirely up to the brave captains!

A late addition is fix who will definitely be in the top 5 picks in my opinion. Despite the fact that he hasn't played any high level 4on4 in a long time and been kinda "slumming it" in the lower ranks lately, he is the type of player that seems to have the ability to change gears at will. I think captains will make a big mistake underestimating him due to his div1 absence.

It was also clarified that captains do all the picking. There is no randomly selected players. This does not favor the lowest seeded players who signed up unfortunately, but it does on the other hand strengthen the quality of play. Guess we can't have it both ways always.

Live draft night has been moved to Monday instead of Sunday to ensure most/all captains can be available. We are waiting for more detailed info from the Salvation admin team on this over the weekend.

Visit Salvation site for more info.

QuakeWorld Draft - Salvation 2012
Updated seed list of signed players and captains
Schedule and timeline.
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2012-03-14, 15:35
I just got an idea. If you are a captain and for some reason is unable to attend the during the picking phase. (A common problem when running drafts in Q3 in the past).
Option #1: Replace the captain if there is someone of EQUAL SKILL available.
Option #2: Entrust one of your friends to do the picking for you.
Option #3: (Which was the idea I got now) Put a number on all of the players in the pool and send to admins in advance. This way when it's your turn the player with the highest rank would be autopicked to your team.
2012-03-14, 15:39
Sorry i didn't make that clear, but we already thought about that from our end. We have a offline seed list of all players we would send to admins if they tell us they won't be able to make it, they can adjust the list to their liking and a non-captain admin will pick for him, or he can tell us a friend will do it instead. Thanks for the input though.
2012-03-15, 09:19
I hope this works out. Would like to see it expanded in the future to include all players. I guess there can be "divisions" and the previous division problems of EQL can be easily mitigated by having "div1" draft first, then "div2" then "div3" if needed. Should be very few players ending up in the wrong division. This is obvious ofc but just felt like pointing it out. Div2 and div3 captains would also need to be selected after the div1 and div2 drafts have ended to make sure no captain is in the wrong division either.

Good luck to everyone that gets drafted! And good luck to the admin team!
2012-03-16, 19:08
4on4 mix zzZZzzZzz most boring mode ever ....
2012-03-16, 20:36
I don't see how a draft is significantly different than many EQL teams. Many EQL teams only play one season with certain lineups or are new, etc. Granted there are some teams which have long histories but nothing stops those same players from also playing together in a draft league.
2012-03-16, 21:22
Well the actual draft stops them now doesnt it? How the hell would some random mix team from eql be able to get drafted into the same team? Perhaps you mean that the draft team later on could stick together and play EQL16?
2012-03-16, 22:21
ah there he is ! mr riktroll.. was expecting you way sooner
2012-03-17, 03:08
Hooraytio: of course it's not an easy or sure thing by any means but it is a possibility.
2012-03-17, 10:18
I think it's extremely unlikely for a clan to get drafted into the same team because almost by design a draft system tiers your players to a greater degree than happens in clans. I.e. theoretically you have 1 top10 player, 1 top20 player, 1 top30 player and so on, and even then that is assuming that all the top players sign up - in reality the different in level between players will be even more marked. Most clans have at least two players in the same skill bracket.

However, I agree that a draft team isn't much of a 'mix' team than some of the teams you see playing in EQL from time to time... they are going to play with the same 5 players all season so it isn't really 'mix'.
2012-03-17, 11:30
Well some eql teams that get together really fast, mixing free agents, only consists of 4-6 players so thats not so different
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