ParadokS  /  9 Mar 2012, 21:00
Salvation 2012 is taking signups!
Salvation is a HOTMIX 4on4 draft league. It's been rumored on the QW scene ever since the QHLAN draft 4on4 tourney and now it's finally here. Brought to you by a dynamic admin team and a strict schedule.

The system is a captain based tournament with 10 captains and 10 teams.
Each team will have 5 players, determined by a 'captain's pick' live streamed event in about 1 week. Here captains will fight over the players in the pool to make the best team they can.

Teams are divided into 2 groups of 5 where #1 will move to semifinals, #2 to quarter finals, and wild-card games between 3rd and 4th from each group, fighting each other for the remaining quarter final spots. An interesting concept indeed.

With a tight schedule of Sundays and Mondays (which can be studied in detail here it should help ensure better coverage and smoother execution. Unfortunately not all players can adhere to these conditions, but it's their hope that there will be enough interest and active players signing up to make this new project a success.

Confirmed captains:
  • Milton
  • murdoc
  • nitram
  • ParadokS
  • zero
  • bps
  • carapace
  • StrikeR
  • Darkki
  • en_karl

With 10 teams of 5 players, minus 10 captains they need a minimum of 40 players to fill out the teams. But even if you don't get picked for the draft, left over players are still eligible to be traded into the teams during season if such need should occur (players going idle etc.).

What I'm almost looking most forward to is the live streamed event in about a week where captains will pick their players, gonna be sweet.
So I urge to visit their site for more detailed info, this is gonna be one heck of a tournament!

QuakeWorld Draft - Salvation 2012
Updated seed list of signed players and captains
Schedule and timeline.
Discuss the format or make suggestions in our forum
IRC channel #draft.qw
2012-03-09, 22:37
2012-03-10, 01:15
omg NICE!
2012-03-10, 07:11
When does this tourney start? If its during EQL season i cant particiapnt
2012-03-10, 09:30
Crap.. this almost made to undust my mouse and sign up. But I think I can't bear to be picked last ever again ;-)
2012-03-10, 09:30
too much tourneys !)
2012-03-10, 11:58
Dont worry, anni. Most of you wouldn't get a spot in a team anyway
2012-03-10, 12:40
We didn't want to take on too much with our first try at this draft league.
Considering there's a fixed schedule, players trying to get along with people they've never played with before and this being the first draft league for us all, we're basically sailing on uncharted waters and aren't sure what possibly could go wrong.

With that said it made sense for us to keep it to only 1 division for season 1 and try and do a good job for a few, rather than take on too much and do a bad job for alot.

However it should be mentioned that a 'division 2' has allready been discussed and we have a few fun ideas for it, so if this first season is a success and is something the players would like to see again then there will be a 'division 2' for the 2nd season.
2012-03-10, 19:14
rookies allowed?
2012-03-10, 21:24
Everyone's allowed to signup, however there's no guarantee that you will be picked up by one of the captains.
2012-03-10, 22:04
read the rules. top 50 tdm players = neither rookies nor regulars allowed
maybe next time.
2012-03-10, 22:35
anyone is allowed, but 10 teams of 5 players means that the 40 presumably best will get picked. But a lot of div1 players have not signed up yet, which so far means interesting possibilities On top of that, as mentioned before, players not picked will still be eligible to get picked DURING the season, incase some teams lose a player.

We want to keep season short, and standard medium to high. Tournament is focused on giving top half of scene a good tournament, its not a rookie project

Maybe next season.

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2012-03-11, 16:25
So getting picked midseason is like winning on paralympics, even if you get to play you're still retarded.
2012-03-11, 19:34
lol #12

i hope that this league will be actively advertised, live streams, coments, opinions ...
on several gaming sites. im sure the admins have a plan to execute this.


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2012-03-11, 20:33
I find it much more engaging to write and analyze draft leagues. Why? Mainly since teams are made up of more varied player skills than top teams so they have strengths and weaknesses. Also if captains all draft smartly teams should all be capable of beating one another without clear cut absolute dominating teams. Sadly I lack good knowledge of the EU players. IDL has a strong tradition of players making great forum posts, see for instance for the latest thread. Hopefully a couple people step up and contribute as it is a lot of work for just a writer or two. Also varied opinions make it more interesting.
2012-03-12, 09:40
I wish the draft phase itself could have live stream analysis by someone (Slipgate Report? =))
2012-03-12, 10:58
As stated in the news "What I'm almost looking most forward to is the live streamed event in about a week where captains will pick their players, gonna be sweet."

There will be a live stream
2012-03-13, 08:56
Oh, what the heck. Who reads the body text anyways! nice tho
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