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Zingao's feelings about HoH #1
Hello again dear Quakers! As you probably already know, The Hymn of Hope project started their first tournament and I'm bringing you a short interview with the leader of the project Zingao!

We are also running a little poll, "How many players do you think will sign up?".
So Hymn of Hope season #1 started how do you feel?
I'm excited, I hope this tournament is the motivation needed for QuakeWorld-community to once again be active, and so far I've gotten lots of praises from people who loves the initiative.

Yes. Right now HoH is the most discussed thing. Are you satisfied with the number of players who signed up the first day already?
I'm very pleased, its about one month until this tournament starts, and having roughly 25 signups first day, makes me happy. QW-players are known for being slow and signup last days, so I'm pretty sure that from 1 week from now and until the last days it will be pretty half dead, and they do it the last day or hour! But so far we've gotten some cool names.

Yes I saw that there are players from all divisions. And I will ask more people about this. Tell us how many players will sign up in your opinion?
Since I'm pretty new to the tournament in a whole for qw, I first expected around 40 signups. But then I saw that Thunderdome managed to get around 120 players for their tournament. So, not to be too brave, I'm more then satisfied if I get around 80-100 players signed up, but I wouldn't mind breaking some kind of record in QuakeWorld, with most signed up players to a 1v1 tournament.

Let's do a little poll about this. My tip is around 140 players! What about you guys? Post your numbers in the comments!

Do you think money is the only motivation? If no, then why?
I would really want to say that it isn't because of money, but I'm afraid I think it is. If you compare other games like Counter-Strike 1.6, this game would've died long time ago if it wouldn't be thanks to the money. Since I want to attract other media, and getting new players into this game, and making it active once again, maybe revive some old legendary players, I cant find any other way then actually adding money into the project. I'm pretty sure many people will disagree, but I couldn't find any other way to deal with this issue. And I do think this also adds more excitement for the spectators and players, that they are aware there is money on the edge.

All I say is "I Agree!". So thanks for your time! Do you want to do any shoutouts?
My shoutout goes to everyone in the qw-community, admins, players, newswriters and don't forget to signup for our tournament over at our website and join our QuakeNet channel #HoH - Thanks for supporting our project!
And special thanks to bps for all your help, love you bro.

Ok that was Zingao, Admin of the Hymn of Hope project. What do you think guys? Will this put QuakeWorld into the progaming scene? We are waiting for comments!
2012-03-08, 13:41
nice job, both you guys! - already registered!
2012-03-08, 13:47
2012-03-08, 13:52

I disagree about the money aspect at the moment. But who knows, with enough interest and consistency into the project it might draw attentions from competetive people from other games, and grow into something bigger where money actually could become a big motivator. Money adds a nice flavor to it at least. Maybe it will trigger the duel interest from other really skilled, but mostly TDM-minded people out there (theres plenty), or as mentioned, the return of some old stars.

With money involved, random scrub talk like "lucky", "cs" or "fu**ing camper" will likely have less impact as well, and perhaps bring a more positive view on competetive players in general. Be sporty, stay classy!

Looking forward to this
2012-03-08, 14:03
What I mostly ment is that, to attract other media(esport sites, except and esr), which is the biggest flaw quakeworld has right now, you do need money. Otherwise those sites will not even look at our direction, unless its a awesome frag movie or documentary.
2012-03-08, 14:06
#4: Good point. You're probably right about that!
2012-03-08, 16:48
#4. Yes that was exactly what I was about to write.. this is the most important thing with having the money in the tournament, cause I mean there are like 4-5 people who have a realistic chance of actually winning that money
So earning money won't be the motivation I think for people, but the prestige of the tournament increases and it looks better on e-sport sites.. you just gotta have them report about the tournament.
Is this tournament a saturday/sunday? Like entire saturday and sunday.

In "modern" quakeworld time duelmania 3 or 4 or something had like 270 players.. will be hard to beat, but gl!
2012-03-08, 17:56
Thank u all. You are all awesome.Btw! Also you can help me with my work. Post ideas on my email ! Or write there what we should discuss! thx alot!
2012-03-08, 19:15
It's a great start, however i think consistency, quality and ambitions are key factors for the success of this. The goals have to be higher so the tournament eventually can attract sponsorship money instead of funds brought out of own pockets. Zingao seems to have a vision of where he wants to go though, so i'm sure it will turn out great. Will be interesting to follow.
2012-03-09, 07:47
Well its also motivation for rookies to train more often) like me etc.
2012-03-09, 12:24
#8 - I totally agree with consistency. The quality will probably lack alittle at start, but since this is a monthly tournament, my goal is to improve for every tournament we have, so I can make it even better.
About sponsorship, Im liottle bit against "sponsors" from companies, because I dont trust them enough, they see it as a investment, and put in money, and afrer 1-2 month they feel "nah this is nothing for us", then what happens? Will just get unhappy quakers who gets used to another amount of cash.

And I hope this turns out great, just have patience with me, and my visions are aimed for the moon, if I land in the clouds, i'd be more then happy!
2012-03-09, 17:36

Think about this, and keep this in your mind : the amount of pricemoney you need, are peanuts for sponsors...


Well... ofcourse a company who would sponsor you sees it as an investment... an investment to get exposure for their name or brands.
No 'normal' company would sponsor any Quakeworld league because there is no intresting audience.

First you have to have a playerbase... because you need intresting games for people to watch : "airplay"

Secondly you have to generate 'airplay' [there are a view things you can think of, and non of them contain shortcuts: it is however possible]

One part of that 'airplay' should be the league site itself, with enough traffic [audience]
Then you can work towards the point where other sites, "eSport sites" ? , cover your games... those sites also have audience..

The more "airplay", the more intresting it is for a normal business to become a sponsor... It is that simple.

And you will have to deal with a contract between you (your company, which you must start...) and your partners [the sponsor{s}]
You must deliver, and they must deliver
And they deliver the money if you deliver [says the contract]
The contract will span a certain timeframe... say a year... and If they are happy with the partnership, they will continue without problems... NP

What you must deliver is clear: your league must run : and the airplay must be there.
The 'airplay = exposure for your sponsor partner(s)

You must give them a "menu"... a menu with money figurs : they dont like to come up with figurs themself but want to pick from the menu [Im not kidding]

One thing that is very good : become a sell-channel for their 'stuff' :
If they sell something directly via your channel : they already making money AND : get their name exposed...
Think about certain actions: product-x is available this week for a reduced price only trough your channel... [talk with your partner(s)]
So If they manage to sell 'stuff' via your channel for the amount of the sponsorship... they have FREE exposure of their name/brands... and very happy with you.

Make it a win-win-win-win [ you-players-audience-sponsor{s} ] : and it can not go wrong. But you have to work to pull it off.

Oh: and look for sponsors that fit the profile... something with gaming, gaming hardware, computer hardware...
... or maybe an energy drink ;p [be bold, phone Red Bull... they love extreme things...] [First contact(s) is better somehow personal, instead of email.]
Don't aproach a potential sponsor who has nothing related. [obvious ?]

And remember the first sentence.

Other then that : Good Luck with your visions and plans about HoH
2012-03-09, 18:01
some stats
year LEAGUE Signups
2006 Duelmania #1 268
2006 Ownage 1 256
2007 Ownage 2 151
2009 Ownage 3 176

i would donate for prizemoney. set a paypal donate button for upcoming seasons, im sure im not the only one!
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