JohnNy_cz  /  26 Feb 2012, 12:24
BesMella Duel Finals
Play-off matches of the BesMella Duel tournament will be played this afternoon and will lead to the final match played some time this evening. Groups will close in one or two hours and from the current results the players who would enter the play-offs are these:
Group 1:
LocKtar, dirtbox, Rikoll, sd_andeh
Group 2:
lac, bps, [tVs]maga, kip

Brackets will probably be published around 15:00 CET here.
2012-02-26, 12:49
How much can you modify the sites? To be honest, the site is awful to a user who wants to browse through scores and such
2012-02-26, 13:31
Click on a nick, see all scores
2012-02-26, 14:03
Yes, but can't click on the score to see details when there actually is a detailed page for each game. Also it lists every game from every previous tournament which is confusing. Also in the brackets page it lists every possible match up in a seemingly random fashion regardless of whether the game has actually been played
2012-02-26, 14:08
Also when you click on a nick and see the matches listed, the order seems random. Most games are listed like "Player1 - score - Player2" but some games the players are reversed which seems to make no sense at all
2012-02-26, 15:01
mipa - yeah the is pretty buggy as i have found out. Even though you can see in the groups it is the top4 that is supposed to get through, it only took top 4.

Correct brackets are here:
2012-02-27, 08:09
Hm, what happened?
2012-02-27, 08:21
Less than half of the players were actually there, so not many games got played. I'm not sure if the remaining games are to be played whenever it is suitable for the contestants, or if all games should be played on another set day. Maybe dirtbox could clear that up?
2012-02-27, 10:01
yeh what happened? no news here and the website is a epic fail.
2012-02-27, 14:33
Serox I miss 4K on servers tearing it up. I would pay good money (quid) to make a video of 4 english blokes playing tdm with full on cockney on mumble.
2012-02-27, 15:16
I would chip in for that to happen too Phil
2012-02-28, 08:09
Any demos?
2012-02-28, 09:13
Half of the players were no-show so we are just playing the remaining matches 'ASAP'.
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