Ake Vader  /  19 Feb 2012, 20:39
QHLAN documentary video released
As Defcon 5 revealed in his blog he has now released the documentary style video he made about the last QHLAN that took place in Stockholm. The video features known faces like Paradoks, Bps, Rikoll among others and touches the topic why playing QuakeWorld is still so interesting.

Check out "Team Quad - 16 years of dedication"
2012-02-19, 21:08
great homage for quakeworld. congrats. it is indeed much more than a game, its part of us, of who we are.
love you all,
2012-02-19, 21:47
That was a great video. Thanks for it!
2012-02-19, 22:07
yeah, loved the video, especially Paradoks giving the poor kid a hard time at the end. I am a big lurker on QTV, haven't really played online since I moved away from Germany but I STILL play regularly against bots just because I love the feel of the game. I have to believe I am one of the oldest Quake players at 47.

It was cool to actually see some of the players behind the nicks that I so often spec.
I can definitely see myself still playing this game in 10 years even if it is truly dead when no other soul plays it.

Thanks to all who keep it going. There truly is no other game in the world like it.
2012-02-19, 22:08
Really really liked it. In only 15 minutes the video captures so many important aspects of current QW, and the format - a movie - is used to its fullest potential. Thank you, Defcon!
2012-02-19, 22:33
"thanks" was the first thing that came to mind.
2012-02-19, 22:43
Thank you very much. The video offers a lot of "feeling" especially in combination with the music. I like it
2012-02-19, 22:51
Great job, thx
2012-02-19, 23:11
I really like it, but I think it's way too short and because you film in a small auditorium that is 1/8 full it really looks like you are mocking the people playing it. I also don't understand the 5 minute segment with the 12 year old when the whole movie is 15 minutes. That would have worked better if it was a 30 minute movie. I guess this movie is for people not playing at all which seems logical since it seems like only 15 people are playing from the auditorium shots but I would have liked some more questions and answers from the players (I know the full interviews will be up) and in game footage while the players talk about what they do I would also have appreciated

I also think it's weird the 12 year old can't just say what league he is in in starcraft 2 (because thats what he played, plus 1 year of brood war?) because there is no way you can be good at quakeworld at 12 so even if this kid is a genius and he is grandmaster in sc2 it's still kind of irrelevant. I guess it's to show some charismatic young individual try out what the other players are so passionate about and is completely committed to.
2012-02-19, 23:13
I think I missed a few commas
2012-02-19, 23:21
WOW ! Really great job ! I am grateful that I could see this video and I'm glad that I could feel something that makes me want to continue to play and love this game.
2012-02-19, 23:56
that little kid with Para in the background is just epic touching video, too bad we have so different opinion how to save this game...
2012-02-20, 07:31
I have the best idea how to save this game. A huge influx of cold hard cash.
2012-02-20, 07:55
Embah you might have missed the / a point too. The shots with the kid perfecty illustrates how the current major gamer crowd looks to qw. Ofc its just 1 kid. But aperantly thats all what quake can get these days too. It was a nice switch from the die hard players love expressions towards this fascinating "simple" game. After all, most people seeing this video are pretty into playing these kind of fps games anyway.

Toes up!
2012-02-20, 08:26
KillJoy - and you are going to pony up this cold card cash are you?
2012-02-20, 08:33
"The shots with the kid perfecty illustrates how the current major gamer crowd looks to qw."

You mean the kid represents the average gamer and by qw you mean quakeworld players?

"It was a nice switch from the die hard players love expressions towards this fascinating "simple" game."

I have to disagree. it's 10 minutes of telling a story and then 5 minutes of "extras" while the credits roll. We don't even know who the kid is, there is zero explanation of why we are watching him.

"After all, most people seeing this video are pretty into playing these kind of fps games anyway."

Then why has it been made for people who have absolutely no idea about quakeworld, it's all about the persons with zero content about the game itself aside from how the people feel about it. And how is that an argument for showing the kid? it's an argument to not show him.
2012-02-20, 08:35
Yeah I didnt think much of the section with the little kid, too long... maybe just the kid himself I didnt like. Paradoks telling him to get lost would have been better about 2 mins after he first appeared
2012-02-20, 10:52
Killjoy: what would you spend them on then? I actually doubt it would make that big a difference if it was thrown on tournaments...

Maybe if it was like a million bucks, but people would even eat poo for that kind of money.
2012-02-20, 13:04
yes Killjoy, that's brilliant! A Quake bailout. I will begin lobbying my local politicians.
2012-02-20, 15:05
beautiful video... QuakeWorld never gonna die!!!
2012-02-20, 16:15
Really nice video! I must say though since you included a "special thanks" section that the guy behind a lot of stuff that people take for granted today is not coming from any one mentioned in the movie. It's from Spike.

He really does deserve more credit. What he doesn't know about Quake/QW from a technical point of view aint worth knowing.
2012-02-20, 16:24
There truly are a lot of people deserving credit and thanks in the community, i'm sure everyone are aware of that.

Still, seeing a video with this production quality makes me think we can do even better in many areas. It was the same with the camera crew that produced the interviews like 3-4 years ago, they were also of very good quality and that's the kind of stuff that gives a really nice impression. Imagine combining that kind of coverage with a lot of players in a 4on4 LAN tournament with some (as in quite a lot) money at stake. Shouldn't be impossible?
2012-02-20, 17:20
I totally agree with you Åke very high production value, and a great movie
2012-02-21, 01:08
Sublime video, feels like an apt "goodbye" to QW.
2012-02-21, 07:21
Just went in for a pop to see if the scene was still alive and saw this QW homage video. I still have a lot of fond memories of playing qw, both from the community and the game itself. It's still my wet dream for ID Software to do a remake of this wonderful game and market the hell out of it But I guess I have realized a long time ago that we will never see a game quite like QW. Times change, and so do games, sad fact.
2012-02-21, 07:25
The scene is somewhat alive Drugs-Bunny. Get some friends and sign up for EQL15!
2012-02-21, 08:27
Superb video! Already chatted my thanks for making this movie, but it's worth repeating how much you should be thanked for this. Professional work, crisp footage. (As the only minus: the 2d overlay text couldv'e been more elaborate). Cheers!
2012-02-21, 09:39
Have to agree with all the praise. Superb job really, and a great idea to start with. I was definately feeling the love while watching (and feeling useless at the same time since I wasn't present!!!) <3

I will definately come to the next lan (and this time I mean it)!
2012-02-21, 20:00
Can any make english subtitles?
2012-02-22, 01:33
Great video, thanks for giving me the will to play more !
I'll make the english subtitles for you VVD
2012-02-22, 08:34
Madse was translate it to russian, but for subtitles I need timestamps.
2012-02-22, 10:13
I won't take any excuses next time then Hagge!
2012-02-22, 11:47
I have run out of excuses now, so that must mean that I have to come :E
2012-02-23, 08:05
Whoever downloaded the 1080p Version: please redownload, its not the same version as on vimeo, but I now fixed it:

thx for all the feedback, it makes worth all the effort i put in!
2012-02-23, 08:26
#32 CSN to QHLAN?
2012-02-23, 10:16
Sure thing!
2012-02-23, 13:58
Defcon5, your video brought, back some old players and a bunch of new one ( in addition to the Thunderdome cup ) to the tiny french community, i couldn't thank you enough !
2012-02-23, 14:46
I came back too! Great vid!
2012-02-26, 12:31
We done russian subtitles. :-]
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