JohnNy_cz  /  4 Feb 2012, 13:47
Only 6 spots left in TB3 duel!
Last week of signups will soon start in the TB3 duel tournament by dirtbox and there are still 6 spots left. You can join in here. The tournament should start on Monday, February 13th and playoffs should be played on Sunday, February 26th.
2012-02-05, 10:47
Thanks Johnny! There is now 5 spots left with some great players already registered.
2012-02-05, 14:01
2012-02-05, 17:08
Lac for the win
2012-02-06, 17:03
I can signup if you guys want a fragbag
2012-02-06, 17:59
offtopic: whats up with qtv?
2012-02-07, 09:29
do it hagge!
2012-02-07, 11:20
Yea, why not to join ? If everyone would be joining tourneys that They have some % chance of winning there would be like 2-4 players each tourney, not more
2012-02-07, 12:11
For me, personally, it is not about "chance of winning" but chance to enjoy the games at least a little. I really don't like playing dm4 against players who have way too much experience in there, which applies for most of the already signed up players. Then there's dm2 which I am not even going to start to describe why that map is wrong for tournaments, this has been done too many times. I think making a TB3 only tournament is so far the biggest mistake dirtbox did, but anyway, it is his tournament(s) and I am not to tell anybody what kind of tournaments to run. I am actually surprised there aren't even 16 TB3 duel lovers out there, I know they are minority, but so small minority?
2012-02-07, 12:34
qw reminds me counter strike, where headshots are so random. it sux, and its diing faster. Gl rather than hf
2012-02-07, 13:11
johnny - the intention is to mix up the maps for each tourney so they will appeal to a greater audience. The first one was the standard TB5. I ran this tourney purely as it is the EU standard even though I personally don't think ztndm3 should be standard (it never was in Australia) as its more rapey than any other map. This next tourney is the classic TB3 (and i'm not the who likes TB3). The next tourney after TB3 will be either ALL custom or all a single map (like Phils 1-day 1-map tourneys). The idea is to mix it up!

Also what is the prob with dm2? Personally the more tight and strategic the game, the more exciting!
2012-02-07, 13:27
To be fair, tb3 should be aero, ztn and dm4.

Nah, comeon. It's all about taste. No one has even been close to define what a good map is. All of tb5 has proven themselves to be potentially entertaining for both specs and players. If it was up to me f.ex, I'd get rid of that horrible DM6 once and for all. But I'm totally aware many enjoy both to play it and watch it still, and I doubt my arguments for why it sucks would be any more or less reasonable than why someone who hates dm4 think that map sucks.

CS headshots are ofc very random, and so is QW duel tournaments wins. I therefore must be one of the luckiest persons alive, but I'm not so sure if I will be so lucky this time around. A lot of lucky tb3 players signed up.
2012-02-07, 14:00
Rikoll you misunderstood me totally, i didnt question ur 1. place, only if Milton join the tourney or Locktar decide to sacrifice his life to qw... You have great tactic and fighting spirit, with good nerves, i tried to point out a totally different thing, but if noone gets it, i was probably wrong, so nvm
2012-02-07, 15:13
I have to say that as QW has progressed over the years it really has changed the way a lot of the 1on1 games are played on each of the maps.

Since antilag came in and "super shafters" have appeared I think dm6 tactics have gone south. It used to be about running the MEGA and strategically ambushing your opponent... now its more about the LG. Many euros I've played who get RA start simply get LG and camp GL.

dm2 has also progressed a bit in a negative way. Now everyone can do stairs->MH and people can move around the map with super high speeds getting many spawn frags it has driven the game to be ultra defensive with people trying to never die the entire game. I actually like this style of play but I do see the downside to it.

Clearly dm4 is just the best map... and according to quake stats it is definitely the most popular. I guess the 3rd (and final) tourney I run will be dm4-only
2012-02-07, 15:26
dm4 only is a great fkin idea!!!I
2012-02-07, 15:36
Yes, I'm beginning to agree also miku
2012-02-07, 15:59
Ok signed up! Let's just hope I will remember about it Haven't touched qw for two months so will be lots of frag bagging fun!
2012-02-10, 16:08
2 spots left!
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