ParadokS  /  30 Jan 2012, 17:54
QuakeWorld Beatings
TheBeats just came out with his long awaited video (that we got a preview of at the last QHLAN nov. 2011).

I just had to make another quake-movie, also because the scene didn't saw one in a long long time. (And the last one I made was 7 years ago.)
The moves and frags are perfectly synced with the music and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It took me some months to create this movie. The movie is quitte fast paced and touches the actual ingame speed. But don't worry, the editing is smooth and not flipped at all. And in case you 're not sure what happened: go hit the replay button later!
And yeah yeah, it's just Quake 1... and even despite my cinematic video-FX pimps it still can 't compare to newer games looks but heck.... the beauty is in the frags and in the syncs anyway! Now what are you waiting for, go give it a try!
(downloading .mp4 is highly recommended)


View on Youtube

View at (720p, 30fps stream)

Download from 720p, 60fps, 460 MB

Download from (QW_Beatings_1080p_60fps.mp4) 1266MB

Want to see his old videos? You can!

Brotherwars 2 (nominated by ESReality for "Best tech" and "Best breakthrough" video of 2003)
Download 184 MB, 800x600
View on YouTube
View on

QH-lan Video 1
Download 170 MB, 640x480
View on YouTube

QH-lan Video 2
Download 144 MB, 640x480
View on YouTube
2012-01-30, 18:19
thx TheBeats!

Those QH Lan Videos, what qhlan is that?
2012-01-30, 18:20
Beautiful, silky smooth. I wish my QW was this smooth on this 60hz monitor hahaha.
2012-01-30, 18:28
Mushi: I'm not sure. Qh-lan video 1 was from various lans and #2 was from 2 lans but which ones.... i 'm not sure. If you view the credits of #2 you see an ad for the 'upcomming' qhlan. Then it would be from not the previous, but the 2 before that.

Correct me if i 'm wrong

I recorded with 900 fps wherever i could some long quadruns i had to do with liek 400 or a lil more because of some ezquake recordign above 2 and 4 gb video filesize fails.

I needed this high fps to make some smooth motionblur possible.
2012-01-30, 18:29
like! downloading atm
2012-01-30, 18:40
Very goood job, you are like jack bauer, the best at what you do
2012-01-30, 18:49
very well done!
2012-01-30, 19:12
Just for your information: The youtube video is no longer available in Germany due to the music used in it
2012-01-30, 19:48
Okays, but i predicted that to happen. It's just that re-encoding failed 2 times else it would also be availible at I'll retry this night and uplaod it there tomorrow.
2012-01-30, 20:26
btw: The text of this newspost I wrote for ESReality website:
2012-01-30, 22:23
great vid!
a bit rough to my pc, HIGH QUALITY FTW

btw, a typo at ~4:05m, mutilator is spelled wrong.
2012-01-30, 23:14
thanks thebeats the movie is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
2012-01-31, 00:28
Also, Paradoks is not a Swede.
2012-01-31, 01:26
nice !! we need more of this, and more of TheBeats!

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2012-01-31, 07:21
1080p 60fps h264 30Mbps - slideshow...
Can u make 720p 60fps 5-6Mbps? May be 8, but not 15, plz.
2012-01-31, 07:46
Really nice, too bad that the best quadrun was left out!
2012-01-31, 08:32
Cool effects
2012-01-31, 14:54
Very nice beats. If you haven't tried to make a quake video yourself, even a 2 minute one, it is hard to appreciate how much work goes into this shit.

Well done and hope you make more in the future!

BTW, do you (or anyone else here) have experience with live streaming 1080p?
2012-01-31, 15:16
Im lost, can watch it on youtube (thx to GEMA) and download dont start
2012-01-31, 15:25
Great job indeed! Some of the material is not really top notch, but you can only work with what you have Bps as clearly the star of the movie with lots of insane gibs!

Thanks TheBeats - hope you will do more movies like this one!!
2012-01-31, 15:45
VVD: I'm making a 720p 60fps version with about 12 Mbps

I mean: my smartphone ran the 30fps 14 Mbps video fine (GS2)
There is youtube for the people with old pc's I figured

Yep there are some fillups because hey, that's all I had been given till I had to put something quickly together for the qhlan event.

Yeah Raz0 para also noticed

I've got enough demo's for another one, but eh I'm not sure when or how much work I 'll put in it.

Thnx for the feedback
2012-01-31, 16:19
Nice job. Hope we see more in the future.
2012-01-31, 19:12
Nicenicenice ^^
2012-01-31, 19:20
720p, 60fps, 460 MB (11Mbps)
2012-01-31, 19:56
I like it! I hope it brings back the movie crowd for moar!
2012-01-31, 21:09
720p, 30fps stream:
2012-01-31, 21:35
THIS was the reaction after we saw your video on qhlan!
2012-01-31, 21:59
Hahahaha, but I only recognise Paradoks. An Def's GF i guess, and then def could sit next to her if Zalon was filming this

thnx for the thnx )
2012-01-31, 22:01
lol @ everybody getting interrupted like oh now we have to applaude
2012-02-01, 13:40
2012-02-01, 14:13
Any chance for the 720p 30fps as download?
2012-02-01, 14:25
random direct(!) download link for the 720p 60fps one, no redirect/cookie rubbish:
2012-02-01, 14:31
Oh nevermind that request. Watched a bit and after my eyes imploded my ears started started vomiting. What the fuck.
2012-02-01, 16:43
Good job!
2012-02-01, 17:10
People have different fucking taste in music, GET OVER IT.
2012-02-01, 21:58
That's right Up2nogood.

There are people @ esreality giving it 0 from 0...10 and are "throwing away the baby with the bathwater". Spoiled bratz they are :-)

btw, did anybody noticed what happened right at the end of the movie? (the last demo displayed)

If you didnt't go watch it on repeat until you notice!
2012-02-01, 22:37
Did you choose that texture sets on purpose or you just somehow had them in your QW config? Why not QRP? Movie was very short, out of 5:44, 40 seconds was consumed by intro, 1:44 by outro (oh well, including the last teamfrag, which is quite easy to notice imho).
2012-02-01, 22:46
I used QRP and some levelsIi had custom ones (like dm4), dont know if tex sets have names.
2012-02-01, 22:51
Actually had to watch the movie third time to realize that frags are synced to the music. I think in your QHLAN videos the effect of syncing frags and music was much stronger and better.
2012-02-01, 22:54
Also, the idea with showing pieces of source code is interesting, but the way it's done here is a bit confusing maybe. At least for me as a coder it was distracting, but perhaps that's only my "professional deformation" See code = immediately start reading it.
2012-02-01, 23:15
hahaha lol I know. Movie is too fast for the code, but well else I had to throw away all this work i put into it and i thought it would be a nice gimick if you replay the movie later

"Actually had to watch the movie third time to realize that frags are synced to the music. I think in your QHLAN videos the effect of syncing frags and music was much stronger and better." Oh wow, how could you not notice, I'm baffled. Dit the audio-video sync was bugged before or what? I agree the syncing is a bit smoother than the qhlan video's, sometimes those were flipped too much (qhlan vid 2).
2012-02-02, 00:06
Anybody interrested in the demo files?
2012-02-02, 04:00
2012-02-02, 09:23
TheBeats: nah, the syncing is alright, I guess I just didn't "feel the rhythm". Anyways, realized I was only bitching in my comments here. Despite this minor things, I like the video, hell we need much more QW videos, there's never enough of them. So, *thumbs up*!
2012-02-02, 15:14
def > Yes, you are truely lost! Time to return to QW?
2012-02-02, 22:06
I think the video has a good lenght, some qw movies were too long imo. one more minute and that was the limit for me.
loved the outro.
one comment: can we have too much quality? I say yes, 60fps 1080p is harsh for most computers out there. the music sync job can suffer with that.
another great movie!
2012-02-03, 07:42
I spend very little time on the computer these days unfortunately for a return to the old domain.
2012-02-05, 20:46
#45: You kiddin'? How can a QW movie be "too long"?! *facepalm*
2014-06-04, 22:19
I was looking for this video (here at ), but I was not finding it, couse I forgot the name of the video...

then I found at youtube... Please, someone put it ate the video section!!!
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