ParadokS  /  25 Jan 2012, 21:16
STA season2 4on4 QuakeWorld draft
QuakeWorld is an oldschool fast paced FPS! We are currently accepting signups for Season 2 of our 4on4 North American DRAFT LEAGUE. If you want to see what youíre in for, check out some demos on youtube, there are plenty.
STA Season 2 signups are now open for the league. The first season FINALS are happening Monday Night (1/23/2011). The first season was a lot of fun with countless close games and new faces. With the first season being such a success and the community buzzing about how they havenít seen so much action in the NA Quakeworld community is years, we figured why stop! Season 2 is on itís way!

The QuakeWorld Community would like to invite anyone from any game that is into TDM to try out QuakeWorld and be part of our DRAFT League. I am aware of the current state of most games concerning TDM and it is next to non-existent (Qlive, NetQuake, CPMA, etc.). Many of our new players have come from games like Qlive and CPMA. So this message is to anyone at all that misses TDM matches, teamplay, and is into learning a new game or coming back to an old one.

The League will be 4-6 weeks including playoffs. Teams are selected by captains who are some of the best players in the scene and willing to take on the responsibility of training a newer team. Teams also use a voice chat client called Mumble for communicating with their team during matches. The league is in a form of Round Robin (each team plays each other once in the group stages) and then playoffs are the top teams of the league battling towards the championships. Most games are broadcasted on or and have alot of spectators. The map pool will be from TB3 (DM3,DM2,E1M2). For any additional information please stop by our website or visit us on irc @ in #STA

* Hope to see you fragging with us soon!

2012-01-25, 22:12
QuakeWorld is an oldschool fast paced FPS!

Oh gosh... Didn't know that!
2012-01-25, 23:32
This is a bit confusing, sounds like we = ParadokS. Also, after clicking the link, can't find any traces of 4v4 Season 2. Maybe I'm blind tho.
2012-01-26, 11:36
dno, copy pasted the whole thing on GND's request
2012-01-26, 12:02
yea wtf. Its season 1 of NA QUAKEWORLD and season 2 of STA? =) GND just stole the STA name anyways. I mean the original website isn't even offline totally yet! (

O well its a NA QW Draft league thats what matters I guess.
2012-01-30, 18:36
STA dropped QW a long time ago. But I do remember the days (2000-2002 or so) when STA QWCA was huge

Anyway "stole" is a bit harsh. GND and company are doing a lot of positive stuff for the NA scene
2012-01-30, 20:41
I remember STA as a US QWTF league!
2012-01-31, 20:26
it was the last surviving qwtf league if I recall.. lasted till like 2006
It was always loved by the Fortress communities. TFC ran from 99-2007 with 9v9 and 5v5.. q3f, etf, tf2 all had short runs on it (in comparison to tfc/qwtf).

lol ca.
2012-02-07, 02:43
STA has been dropped, it is no longer affiliated with "STA" in any way. IRC Channel is #na-quakeworld

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