JohnNy_cz  /  23 Jan 2012, 21:44
NA.QuakeWorld 4on4 Draft Final
The final game of 4on4 draft tournament by NA.QuakeWorld will be played tonight around 10pm EST (4am CET).
The two teams fighting for victory are:
Vegeta Hoes - Vegeta, Whitey, Cyanide, Up2, Wonko
GQ Models - Rusty, Dustin, Blood Dog, b1aze, Quark

Update: Download demos | View results
2012-01-23, 21:46
I am not really sure about all the flags, hah. Feel free to correct me in the comments.
2012-01-23, 22:34
Hah, hot stuff! Too late for most eurofags to watch I guess tho . Gl to both teams, and up demos!
2012-01-23, 23:31
Lets see which secret US Tactics they use on dm3!
2012-01-24, 02:04
update: final will be played on 10pm EST (4am CET).
2012-01-24, 09:03
Can always go to sleep at around 10pm CET and get up and watch the game 6 hours later, just before work, if its that interesting
2012-01-24, 12:23
Looks like excting games. But what about the ping, they seem so high. Is it not possible to play with decend pings inside the US ?
2012-01-24, 12:39
US west coast to east coast is about 4800 km. From London or Paris to Moscow it's about 2500 km. Even more of the European scene is centralized around Scandinavia as well, making the ping conditions even better for many players here. I guess distance is the most relevant factor, and that alone makes it harder to get low ping for everyone there.
2012-01-24, 12:55
Under perfect conditions, and with a straight copper cable from Paris to Moscow, it should be possible to achieve 13ms (or 12,5, 200000km/s over 2500km). Unfortunately, the world isn't perfect, and even if it was, it would still be almost twice as much ms over the distances in US, without even taking Canada into concideration.
2012-01-24, 15:13
We usually play on a US central server somewhere in Texas so most people ping 50-60. I (from US-west, California) ping 80-90 to NY
2012-01-24, 16:28
USA! USA! *cheer*
2012-01-24, 16:47
What's the IP for the Texas server?
2012-01-24, 18:48
@Rikoll: Ping times are round-trip, so even theoretical optimum conditions would be around double what you quoted i.e. 5000km roundtrip
2012-01-24, 21:11
Yes, but the server could also be right in the middle of those two places
2012-01-25, 00:56
@driz: /1
and /2
2012-01-25, 11:49
124ms to tastyspleen and ~ 122ms to from London. Not too shabby.
2012-02-01, 13:44
2012-02-01, 13:51
Already find. :-]
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