JohnNy_cz  /  22 Jan 2012, 21:48
One-day results
The BesMella.Quake one day tournament by dirtbox has just finished. The final standings are:

1. Rikoll
2. Avenger
3. dirtbox

Grand final demos download (Rikoll vs. Avenger): aerowalk dm2 dm6
RECOMMENDED Winner's Br. final demos (Rikoll vs. Avenger): aerowalk dm2 dm6 ztndm3
Losers' Bracket final demos download (Avenger vs. dirtbox): dm4 dm6 dm2

Stay tuned for info on the upcoming tournaments!
2012-01-23, 09:22
Congrats Rikoll!
2012-01-23, 10:08
2012-01-23, 10:09
Cool tournament, need more
You should upload WB final demos too, more entertaining IMO
2012-01-23, 12:19
Yeah the WB final games were all very close.. unfortunately no dm4 though.
2012-01-23, 17:41
This was a really cool tournament - one-day always are!

Congratulations to Rikoll and Avenger the finalists. Rikoll of course is really good. Avenger displayed really good sportsmanship. For me, the grand final was ruined by one instance of decisive lag in the beginning of DM2. Of course Rikoll deserved the tournament victory anyways.

Hope to see these two at it again! Revenge! Rematch!
2012-01-23, 17:42
Also congrats dirtbox for running this, and for pwning on DM6
2012-01-23, 19:32
True, WB final saw some very close games. Added the demos now. Phil, could you add some description field to the demos or something, so that it's clear these are some WB final games of some tournament etc.
2012-01-23, 21:12
Congrats Norway, another trophy under your belt!
I'm in the heat for next tour.
Well admined dirtbox, keep it up!
2012-01-23, 22:44
Thanks for a great and fun tourney, dirtbox! I really like the one day format, as its much less restraining then the lengthy regular ones, even though I enjoy those alot as well. And of course shape of the day matters alot.

Was really nice to face Avenger in a tourney game, even though I got a bit pissed off at his comment after the WB-final. Is it only me who find it unsporty to throw a comment about luck after a tournament match, and perhaps specially a final? Maybe I was abit harsh afterwards, but still I think I was entitled to make some fun about it after a comment like that.

Tbh I wasen't aware that the first frag of the DM2 in the Grand-final came after lag, until watching the demos later on. If he had breaked, I would maybe notice the lag and breaked myself, even though I somehow doubt it after that comment he threw earlier that day. /cl_ignore_opponents 2 and was more busy collecting spawn frags than watching the scoreboard at that point.

Anyways, thanks for the games everyone, and I'm looking forward to future events!

edit: It's also great that the results of tourneys is put up on the front page asap, as I think it contributes quite much to create enthusiasm, not only amongst the participants, but also for the scene in general. Thanks johnny

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2012-01-24, 07:36
Haha, yeah dont go talk to Rikoll about luck vs skill. We already had that discussion in roughly 200 comments
2012-01-24, 08:23
Season 2 registrations opened. Make sure you sign up. Registrations will be limited to about 20 players this time with the top 8 playing a 1-day double elim. To determine the top8 there will be 2 weeks of group games.

Also I would like a volunteer for someone to help admin... At least 1 other person to enter/confirm results + spam QTV details on IRC (it was a big job on Sunday and I really spent more time entering results than practising for my games) .

I have to admit, Avenger got lag against me on dm2 also... the difference being we were on opposite sides of the map so i guess that is more luck???
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