JohnNy_cz  /  5 Jan 2012, 19:23
EQL Kenya TDM tournament system
Custom maps EQL tournament is going to start soon, so this is probably everyone's last chance to affect how it will be organized. There are two main options on how the teams will be made:

1. Clan-based tournament: "Regular clans participate in the tournament, just like in a regular EQL event, preferably with division system based on skills/experience. The playoffs then follow."
2. Draft league: "There will be a couple of captains who are the best in the business, so we won't have any stacked teams. They will choose their teams through the draft and then train their teams to compete."

Want to have your say? Vote Here!
2012-01-05, 20:58
I don't think this sort of responsibility should be delegated to potential players. Rather, those who run this event should decide what the league they're responsible for should look like it.
2012-01-06, 17:21
Iam looking foward to it!!
2012-01-06, 17:40
Well the poll doesn't have to be deciding, Just a way to get a feeling what people want.
2012-01-11, 13:17

Demos of these maps!
2012-01-12, 15:45
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