JohnNy_cz  /  29 Dec 2011, 12:32
EQL in 2012: new tournaments
The European Quake League crew has announced two new tournaments for the winter/spring 2012 season. With a whole new admin team there will be a custom maps tournament being run "quite shortly" and then classical EQL season 15 "which will be ran mainly with the lead of Hooraytio."

There is also EQLro on the list. Head on to the EQL news for more info.
2011-12-29, 18:26
Yeah!! Lets play!
2011-12-29, 18:36
2011-12-30, 10:07
Nice mocking of Itsinens english skills
2011-12-30, 13:23
Not sure what you mean, just quoted the important stuff.
2011-12-30, 20:52
Or so we are led to believe.
2011-12-31, 18:43
"quite shortly" is not incorrect English so I'm not sure how he could be mocking it...

It's more likely to be mocking the notion of it happening "quite shortly" seeing as it takes the EQL crew quite a while to get anything done these days
2012-01-01, 17:30
I meant the other part
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