JohnNy_cz  /  20 Dec 2011, 20:43
EQL 14 Division 2 Results
Division 2 of European Quake League 14 finished yesterday with the Bronze game played. With total 42 + 8 games this was the most active division in this EQL. And the winners are:

1. OClan
votary, Adde, vegeta, squeeze, overflow, karnage, Blood Dog
2. Immortals
rst, phren, heddan, ekz, conus, dimman, roujja

3. Suddendeath 2
trash, ok98, nepra, locktar, lethalwiz, andeh, D

4. Fraggers United
kippo, kassim, focu, dedi, culkey, buggy, diki, anza

Topfraggers for division 2:
1. squeeze - 77 frags per match
2. votary - 71 frags per match
3. lethalwiz - 63 frags per match

Congratulations to all participants!
2011-12-20, 23:41
Congrats, O-Clan. I saw the final and you're definitely a worthy winner. Personally I found it especially cool to have some North American mates in the winning team of div2. Yes, it's no secret that no-one can compete with ping 90 among the very top teams but some of you really proved that you got the skills to do so.
2011-12-21, 04:22
Congrats to winners!
2011-12-21, 22:15
Well played everyone!
2011-12-21, 22:21
Best clan tag, least whine, most ping, most frags. GGS and congrats
2011-12-22, 17:36
least whine? i assume everyone wanted to play on foppa / pangela but they whined and bitslapped all the div2 clans to some kenya server
2011-12-25, 22:09
2011-12-28, 20:13
omg, HPW 8) well played!
2012-01-11, 23:19
congratz boys.
for those who dont know, OClan is a brazilian QW/Q3 clan founded in 2001. The NA division is going strong.
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