Ake Vader  /  10 Dec 2011, 18:39
EQL14 Final: SR vs F0M
Tomorrow (Sunday) at 1900:CET it's time for the grand final in division 1 of European Quake League. This time it's Slackers who are facing off against Fragomatic and it's destined to be a best-of-five-maps game that's hotter than hell!

Keep an eye out in this news post or on when the game is approaching to know what QTV server to join.
2011-12-10, 18:55
Finally some coverage! Bra Åke!
2011-12-10, 19:44
I wouldn't call it coverage, rather a tiny notice that the thing even takes place It's sad that there isn't some proper stuff being done though...
2011-12-10, 21:21
Why are there two commentfields btw?
2011-12-10, 22:16
So I can comment more efficiently
2011-12-10, 22:16
So I can comment more efficiently
2011-12-11, 05:23
2011-12-11, 12:20
Yay, bring it on
2011-12-11, 16:30
2011-12-11, 18:03
wtf bp
2011-12-11, 19:35
Hmm looks like I missed the div1 finals div 2 start in 30 mins. So which server is it?
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