Rikoll  /  14 Nov 2011, 22:01
Duelmania Grand Final
It is time for a closure on this season of Duelmania. After bps beat Locust 3-1 in the Losers Bracket final, the Grand Final will be between bps and Rikoll.

The match is scheduled for Wednesday 16th of November @ 20:00 CET!

If anyone wanna do commentary and/or stream the game, let us know! Potentially it could be quite a bunch of nice games, since another bo5 will be played if bps wins the first one.

Duelmania pt.2
2011-11-15, 08:02
Good luck to both players!
2011-11-15, 08:34
2011-11-15, 09:54
The two best people in the final, perfect for the spectators! Good luck bps (Rikoll doesn't need any luck) Be
2011-11-15, 12:04
3-2 for BPS this time GL *8)
2011-11-15, 13:54
And then 3-0 for Rikoll in the Grand Grand Final? Be
2011-11-15, 15:18
So the winner of this game will meet Hagge in the Über Grand Final then amirite?
2011-11-16, 10:49
On my localhost where I can pick whatever maps I want!
2011-11-16, 16:18
why doesnt my comment show?!

GL bps, BL rikoll !
2011-11-16, 20:11
2011-11-16, 23:28
please share the demos
2011-11-17, 16:27
2011-11-17, 20:05
share demos plz
2011-11-18, 00:53
Can somebody please unban me from the forum? I cannot read my Private Message...
2011-11-18, 19:14
I don't see anything about you being banned.
2011-11-18, 20:32
I dont think you would be able to post here either if you are banned James
2011-11-21, 07:44
Hooraytio maybe a bug but I was able to post here, able to see that I had a private message, but unable to view the forum. I could not log out either because I did not have access to the log-out function. Fixed now anyway (thanks Z)
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