Andeh  /  13 Nov 2011, 18:51
Suddendeath invitational 1on1
Brackets and Results
Stream and commentary

Update: The tournament is over, and the winner of 500:- SEK is no other than bps!

Winner: bps
Runner-up: mawe
3rd-4th: carapace
3rd-4th: grisling

Thanks for some great games and a great 3-2 final!

Stay tuned in hope for more invitational tournaments from team Suddendeath!
2011-11-13, 21:00
damn, barely had time to watch the final game
2011-11-13, 22:29
Also VODs:
2011-11-14, 01:12
Edited the newspost
2011-11-14, 09:38
This was fun! Thanks Sajko for arranging it

Another idea that struck me during this tournament would be to have a 1on1/2on2/ffa-tournament but with Clans playing each other.

So each clan pick 1 player for each map, and then play a normal best of 3 duel.
Then they pick 1 team for 2on2. And then ffa? how did I think here.. I have no fucking clue.. ok ffa maybe doesn't work.. anyway.. just have clans facing off but in other areas than 4on4. Could be things like trick-maps or whatever as well. Or pov..
2011-11-14, 09:58
Sajko is the king! 8)
2011-11-14, 13:53
i would die to see an ffa or a duel tourney between the div1 clans
2011-11-14, 22:40
omg gz bpssssss
2011-11-15, 10:43
was an awesome inhouse tourney!
creds to sajko for organizing it, and donating money out of his own pocket
2011-11-30, 11:20
I had alot of fun with no expactations at all really.

Would be great with a small pricepool for a 2on2 tournament aswell, so I too would have a chance on the money! Perhaps with a few more teams than SD only? : )

Maybe I'm just speaking for myself but I find 2on2 to be a very exciting watch, even more exciting than 4on4 as of late.
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