pleuraXeraphim  /  7 Nov 2011, 19:31
Ignition Tournament Kicks Off
The Ignition Tournamant, designed to give new players an introduction to Quakeworld and indeed to help get old players back playing has been kicked off once again this week following a vigourous advertising campaign for the past couple of weeks.

There has been a good level of interest with nearly 70 players of varying skill levels signed up to go head to head. Due to the varyiance in skill it was decided to cater for this by holding both a Rookie Bracket and the Advanced Rookie Bracket .

The fixtures have now been generated and the tournament has officially kicked off. So players can now schedule their matches and begin playing. Read More
The Brackets/Fixtures can be viewed here:
Rookie Bracket
Advanced Rookie Bracket.

Also please note the following important notice from the Ignition website:

Notice that you have the deadlines for when the games needs to be played at the top of each round in the bracket. The date is the last play date for the games in that round. After a game has been played, the winner logs onto the Ignition site to report the result with scores and screenshots from the game.
2011-11-07, 20:01
ah you made 2 different "seasons", well done!
too bad no portuguese players in there. nor spanish...
im sure there will be lots of activity,
2011-11-07, 20:26
Nice to read new names on the tables! Good luck to everyone and have fun.
2011-11-08, 04:07
Good luck other noob,,,,,
I am Holland
2011-11-08, 08:03
good luck all players!
2011-11-08, 19:04
nice to see so many new names! Gl in the tournament!
2011-11-08, 21:46
2011-11-09, 08:30
Heh, im getting bad vibes from that "I am Holland" stuff in #3.
A player I know used to say exactly that and his name was not proqp1ne
2011-11-09, 08:54
Torzelan will win it! \0\
2011-11-09, 09:19
No need to worry Hooraytio, we've done quite thorough analysis on 95% of the players (i.e. the ones we could find on the servers) and i've also talked to progp1ne in specific, so it's all fine and dandy in Ignition land so far.

Nag your friends to start playing already now, because after new years there will be another - even more awesome - Ignition tournament.
2011-11-09, 09:25
OK fair enough
2011-11-09, 19:57
Torzelan will not win because he is not-so-advanced Rookie! :@
2011-11-09, 20:04
I've played with a player who speaks weirdly like that "i am holland" but he was an ok player (rookie level I would say) and almost cute in the way he talks :p
2011-11-11, 02:27
This sounds great!
Will be cool to follow, and hope some games are announced

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