Rikoll  /  28 Oct 2011, 10:06
Duelmania WB Final
After two really tight semi finals, the winners bracket final is now due:

bps vs Rikoll is scheduled for Sunday 30th of October @ 19:00 CET
locust vs lacsap is scheduled for Monday 31st of October @ 21+ CET
locust vs nitram is scheduled for Wednesday 2nd of November @ 21+ CET
(sometime after 21)

Read on for more info..

Duelmania pt.2
Keep in mind that summer time ends on this Sunday, which means the time will be set back by one hour.

The losers bracket games are also looking extremly hot atm:

First we got LocKtar vs lacsap. The winner of that are gonna face Locust, and the winner of that again are gonna face Nitram for a spot in the losers bracket final.

If any of you know when these games are getting played, let me know and I'll update the header. Also, if any of you feels like commentating and/or setting up a stream, let us know!
2011-10-28, 10:42
Ill make sure to bring my DeLorean if i forget to turn back the clock.

Good luck (lol who am I kidding? luck doesnt exist (c) Rikoll) to everyone still left in the run for the first place!
2011-10-30, 20:22
3:2 for Rikoll
2011-10-31, 14:32
Simple question: this final match for LB will be commented "live" ? because yesterday WB final was not commented x((((
2011-10-31, 15:01
commentary will be in swahili
2011-10-31, 15:33
2011-10-31, 21:38
Please where can I get the demos??? Please upload them to chtv please!
2011-11-01, 09:19
Good games guys and well done Rikoll.
2011-11-01, 12:25
luchten, some nice soul uploaded demos here:
2011-11-02, 18:25
Oh thank you very much bps! ^^ I see a lot of your demos
2011-11-10, 11:12
When Grand Final is ? x)
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