Andeh  /  25 Oct 2011, 23:03
QHLAN 15 coming up!
A reminder for every quaker out there!

The 3rd of November QHLAN 15 kicks off in Stockholm, Sweden in association with Hazard. So far, the quakesignups reach 38 which is way lower than last year. This is most likely due to not as much hype as last year when QHLAN hosted together with Hazard for the first time. I believe everyone who was there could agree to the huge success it was, and the LAN was definetly one of the best QHLANs yet.

This LAN takes place the 3rd-6th of November, and there are currently at least 60 quakeworld seats, and more can be made available if necessary.
QuakeWorld tournaments
1on1, 2on2, 4on4

The ticket price is 150SEK(?!) + a tournament fee, that might be added depending on sponsor deals.

Don't miss out on the most awesome QuakeWorld event of the year! There is still time to book a ticket, so do it fast! Hope to see as many attendees as possible!

Book your ticket here!
2011-10-25, 23:15
2011-10-25, 23:28
2011-10-25, 23:30
nice comment zero
2011-10-25, 23:35

2011-10-26, 03:22
will there be a fullHD beamer availible?
2011-10-26, 06:28
2011-10-26, 07:05
cu there.
2011-10-26, 07:36
ses på lan!
2011-10-26, 10:01
It will be f*cking awesome!
2011-10-26, 15:45
sign up, the more players the better the movie!
2011-10-26, 20:14
Now its 39 qw signups incl me...
2011-10-27, 00:01
TheBeats: I think so... making a movie?
2011-10-27, 01:42
Yep... for the first qhlan video I only had 2 or 3 days time before end of qhlan when you gave me the video's... was a lot of last-minute nightwork, but incredible result :-)

So here we are again... I can cook something together to be shown there. I can always finish and release the movie later.

But one 'condition' is that I want to see a video of everybody watching the video
For fun and mayeb to even include it in a video.
2011-10-27, 07:34
Have fun everyone who is going there!
2011-10-27, 14:34
Nice it's the dates i really can't go
2011-10-27, 14:55
Hoping for QTV and tournament schedules.
2011-10-27, 19:02
"Nice it's the dates i really can't go" is a silly excuse. Dates been set for months
2011-10-28, 07:00
And you dont think that whatever plans dimman have, or someone else, could have been set even earlier than that?

It would also be a silly excuse to change those other plans in order to go to a lan.
2011-10-28, 07:18
people not coming are LAME. period.
2011-10-28, 07:23
I do think it's possible he / whoever had some agreement they knew about before the dates were set, but I really doubt it. A less silly excuse would be "I chose to not come because I got other priorities".

Depending on how much time you've spent on the game, I'd say it's pretty silly not to prioritize QHLAN as well. Say, if you spend some weeks playing time on this game a year, but dont want to set off a day + a weekend to meet the folks you spend so many hours online with, you would in most situations prioritize wrong imo.

Obviously no one can blame dimman to play much, and I don't think anyone expected him to come, but at least he should get his excuses straight
2011-10-28, 07:28
I agree with you to some extent. Ive been there twice and tbh thats quite enough for now even if it was several years ago. Perhaps Ill go there sometime during the next 5 years if we are still playing qw.

This year my excuse is that im turning 30 and gonna have a party with some friends that weekend.

I would go if we could get atleast 4 ppl from csn to come but we havent really brought it up, perhaps we can talk about it for the coming lans.
2011-10-28, 09:12
I'm really wondering if the timing is wrong for QHLAN, tbh It's the same each year. The summer break makes the scene so inactive that it's not really alive until mid-september, making it hard for a LAN taking place during the first weekend of November to attract players. Even tho for the past 2 years, we have announced the dates 5-6 months in advance, I still think that it is the timing that is the problem. People don't want to commit half a year in advance, and then they return in September and see that not many players have signed up, so why bother?

I'm thinking about redefining the deal with Hazard, and changing QHLAN to fit with their Spring event in March, that is the time where the QW scene is most active and have been active for the longest period.

By looking at previous EQL seasons, you will see that activity is always greater during the Spring season.

What do you guys think?
2011-10-28, 09:16
I think that sounds awesome Zalon! At least it's worth a shot!
2011-10-28, 09:24
It would be easier for me to come in March.
2011-10-28, 09:53
I agree March is probably better than November. But let's not forget that last year so many people showed up for the LAN thanks to all the great hype. People contacted everyone (even Sassa showed up!) and hyped the qhlan everywhere.

This year we've only seen one post - the one from you, Zalon - "Time to book your tickets for qhlan 15!" or so.. Which is why I made this newspost as a last little hype before it kicks off.
2011-10-28, 10:29
Yeah, well... Last year we had some things we didn't have this year. I had extra tickets that I gave out as prizes for the pre-qhlan tournaments.

We had tVS coming for the first time, Milton on LAN etc. To be honest I havn't had that much time for qw this season, if I had, I would probably had done more. However, I'm happy that I atleast got it organized with Hazard, now that Lorn seems gone.

But if we go for March and I can make a deal with Hazard, then we get another chance in just 4 months!
2011-10-28, 10:32
True Zalon. I've given my best to get Milton to come this year as well, but I still don't think he has decided. And sure, November or March. Another LAN in 4 months on a new vacation year works just as good as another one in 12 months for me at least
2011-10-28, 11:02
Oh Zalon, I didn't mean that YOU were the one supposed to hype it up. Due to personal reasons, I cannot attend the entire LAN (will probably show up for the finals like last year), but any newswriter or blogwriter can help hype it up. Basically anyone in the community can hype it up, but very few have done so which is a little disappointing.

Last year was the first year in cooperation with the Hazard LAN which made it a huge deal. People seem to forget that this year is EXACTLY the same, same awesome venue, same awesome organization - everything is basically the same. The only difference is that we haven't hyped it at all. That is the reason I had to make this newspost to hype it at least a little bit the last week.
2011-10-28, 15:46
I wanted to come this year - and last year - but the weekend overlaps with a really important conference at work. Last year I was in Prague, this year it'll be Madrid - but in both cases I want/wanted to be in Stockholm ;(
2011-10-28, 18:11
""Nice it's the dates i really can't go" is a silly excuse. Dates been set for months".

I don't mean to offend you, since I know your a nice guy, but that comment is just retarded.

Sadly it doesn't help that the qhlan dates were set earlier, since _that_ weekend was the only weekend in the near future that worked for higher prio plans.
2011-10-28, 18:18
"Say, if you spend some weeks playing time on this game a year, but dont want to set off a day + a weekend to meet the folks you spend so many hours online with, you would in most situations prioritize wrong imo."

Wow, you sound like an addict Hehe, thats gotta be up to you. I prioritize to see my family, and especially my nephews I see about once a year.
2011-10-29, 10:02
True, I'm probably addicted in some sense. But not in a sense that its in the way for my job, friends, girl friend or familiy, so I don't see the problem.

"I prioritize to see my family, and especially my nephews I see about once a year"

my point exactly. You're free to prioritize however you want ofc. My only intention was to avoid to see more of those silly excuses. "I chose to prioritize my family" is not a silly excuse. "It's just on the dates I can't go" is
2011-10-31, 20:18
Sad to say but it seems quite certain that I am not coming this year Hope to see you all still next year!
2011-11-01, 08:04
no 1tsinen... no haritsoppa i? ;*(
2011-11-01, 11:29
Are there monitors to be rented this year too????
2011-11-02, 16:08
whimp: yeah, I have rented one with Nightflash, but you can have that, because mazer is bringing me his CRT :-)
2011-11-02, 20:03
Its still possible to rent a computer as well? More stuff came up, so I might need to rent a computer there if I'm going to make it this year.
2013-02-04, 10:15
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