Ake Vader  /  23 Oct 2011, 19:13
Ignition #4 - rookie tournament
It's time for another edition of the famous Ignition rookie tournament in QuakeWorld. The goal of the Ignition tournament is to introduce new players to this game under fun and fair, yet competitive conditions.
The tournament format is 1on1 deathmatch in a double-elimination bracket playoff and the matches will be played on the maps Aerowalk, ZTNDM3, VDM3V3, Hate and Skull in best of three maps series. The tournament will last between 7th November and 20th December 2011 with matches scheduled in specific weeks - you agree with your opponent on when to play - rather than on a set date to allow for flexibility for players.

You can get started with QuakeWorld today by downloading nQuake which is a quick-starter pack that includes everything you need to play QuakeWorld and participate in this tournament. The nQuake pack is based off of the Quake shareware version and thus only includes the maps from the first episode and custom maps. If one wants to play the classic DM maps, then the pak1.pak that can be found on your original Quake CD is required.

We hope that the tournament will see many rookies signed up and we encourage current established players to tell their friends to sign up for this frag fest! (bear in mind that we have a strict rookies-only policy though)

Head on over to the registration page!
2011-10-23, 20:44
signed up!
2011-10-24, 07:52
Probably the best attempt to attract new players into the scene in the years I've been around. Great initative Ake!
2011-10-24, 07:54
Yes very nice to see åke!
2011-10-24, 11:26
Yep - get all your rookie friends to sign up We need the new blood
2011-10-24, 14:01
GJ Ake !
2011-10-24, 17:19
Good idea to organize another rookie competion.
Unfortunately we all know how it happens in real life. Lot of experienced div3 players are registered and no new players.
Anyway it's better then sit and cry like me
2011-10-24, 18:31
3/4 of the players signed up so far are players i've never heard of before. It might be due to being out of the loop for a while though. All players are subject to review before final approval in the tournament. I hope we will be able to attract more completely new players however, as that's the whole point. I realize there is a gap that needs to be filled tournament-wise with these players that perhaps are not-so-good but still way better than a complete rookie.

You guys are partly responsible for the quality of the entrants aswell if i may remind you - it's the perfect opportunity to convince a friend to try it out!
2011-10-24, 20:54
I'm new. Played a bit in 99-01. Should I registrate. I'm afraid I'm bad.
2011-10-24, 21:13
You sound like an ideal participant, so go on and register. Take the chance to play against some of the players in #Ignition on Quakenet to get an indication of your skill level. One thing is true though; you can't be too bad for this tournament! That's not possible for anyone!
2011-10-25, 01:21
If any other rookies want someone to pracc with, pm kexibq on #qwrookie please!
2011-10-25, 10:32
Wrote a post on the forums on Norways most popular (i think) gaming site:

But please.. remove the link that tries to load on the page. It slows down the page quite a lot.
2011-10-25, 11:09
Post it on ESReality too!
2011-10-25, 11:17
It is already on ESR
2011-10-25, 12:18
I've used a template email pleura sent me and send it to major Portuguese universities and gaming sites (2 uni, 2 gaming sites).
2011-10-25, 13:05
Would be great if there are others who would like to help promote Ignition in their own country. We have had some positive responese so far. So it will be worth it. Let me know and I will send you the template and info.
2011-10-25, 14:24
Good Post Rikoll.
2011-10-25, 20:40
Posted on too
2011-10-30, 09:27
Looks like there is quite nicely with new players signed up. Even if those 15-25% I assume will be dropped out because of too much experience it doesn't hurt with them showing in the signups list. Always good with a longer list
2011-10-30, 12:32
Made news at
2011-10-31, 09:47
There is a handfull of players that are up for review regarding whether they are too good for this tournament or not. The rest of the players are stuiable for either the rookie tournament or the "rookie advanced" tournament.

I think we have set the bar for rookies one step further down in this Ignition tournament compared to the previous seasons, so that's why the split is necessary.

@VVD: Thanks!
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