mushi  /  8 Sep 2011, 23:09
New Clan Arena server at XS4All
Lately there has been quite some requests for an European Clan Arena (CA) server, especially by the rookies that come from other first person shooters, where CA is popular.

Well, the wait is over, since FlePser wiki has been kind to revive the old XS4All CA server, which is online at!!
Clan Arena is a mod where everyone spawns with the same amount of health, armor, weapons and ammo. Typically there are 2 teams, last team standing wins. Pretty simple, gives the opportunity to everyone to practice their tactics and rocket jumps. Some ninja tactics can be applied also!

If you can't join a team by pressing the numbers "1" or "2" on they keyboard, you'll have to type them at the console.( impulse 1 or impulse 2).

The Xs4All CA server is Champion edition (CACE). In CACE only Admins can change maps, number of teams, and number of rounds.
To become an admin, you got to write "elect" at the console, and the other players must type "yes".
if you want to setup the server, write "setup" at the console. A menu will appear at the center of the screen,
Typing "reset" resets the settings.

For now, a limited amount of maps is available. to see all maps, type "loadmaps", and to load one type the map name.
Other way to change maps is by typing "warp".

Have fun playing CA!
2011-09-09, 22:07
Added some maps, I believe, good luck
2011-09-10, 21:13
thx a lot!

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