Zalon  /  30 Aug 2011, 20:33
Sign up your team for EQL14
It is now possible to sign up for season 14 of the European Quake League, as this seasons website has just launched.

So gather up all your old friends and get ready for some 4on4 action during the fall season!
2011-08-30, 20:53
2011-08-31, 08:05
Protip: try to narrow the skill gap in your clan by signing players with somewhat equal skill. If you dont do that it will just result in bad divisions and whine from your clan or all the other clans.
2011-08-31, 12:08
What was the conclusion with the "Marvel-case", he's been already signed in so I suppose he was not banned after all? Wtf?
2011-08-31, 12:29

"Points in Group Stage

Each map win gives 1 point
Each played match gives 1 point (activity point)"

I thought this was supposed to be changed/revised after EQL13 SR2 controversy???
2011-08-31, 12:31
Marvel was intially banned for 2 seasons but seeing as how the 4on4 scene decreased in numbers of active clans we decided to give Marvel a shot at behaving this season.
2011-08-31, 12:32
Yeah there was a lenghty discussion about different point systems after last season. So far nothing has been changed but the season hasnt started yet either. We will get back to you on that Kloze.
2011-08-31, 13:10
Very nice
2011-09-01, 15:34
Hooraytio: You really think faking / breaking league rules is good for the scene? And I dont see 1 guy having 2 season ban "decreasing" qw-scene.
If you've decided something you should stick to it.
2011-09-01, 16:19
One season ban for faking is enough, and the same as everyone else caught faking has got.
2011-09-01, 17:10
isn't he a repeat offender though?
2011-09-01, 17:51
2011-09-01, 19:19
More teams please. Sign up, lazy bastards!
2011-09-01, 20:54
Well sorry but since when has sticking with the rules been an "EQL-thing"?
2011-09-02, 06:51
2 season ban was too harsh. Deal with it.
2011-09-02, 10:08
Players that dont behave get warned and/or banned so if Marvel is so bad that you think he is you wont have to put up with him for long.
2011-09-02, 10:51
Thanks admins for letting me play. As for the bitter, narrow minded individuals. Go play quakeworld instead of choking the life out of it with your inane comments.
2011-09-02, 11:05
Well in all honesty they just questioned our decision along with pasting some references to previous problems regarding faking. It wasnt exactly narrow minded bitterness, just normal curiosity. No need to start some major flame thread here.
2011-09-02, 11:21
I'm beginning to really like your simpleness Hooraytio. Seriously.
2011-09-02, 11:39
Keep it simple boys!
2011-09-02, 12:38
hagge is gay
2011-09-02, 14:05
What you saying spliffy?? I will come home to your house and make chaos of you :E
2011-09-04, 11:01
Pure unadultured rainbow chaos coming your way!
2011-09-21, 12:28
come to my house and caress me
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