Zalon  /  28 Aug 2011, 17:52
DuelMania Returns
After a 5 year hiatus, the biggest QuakeWorld tournament around is back for another season, DuelMania Reloaded Part 2 kicks of it's signup period today with the season starting September 19th.
That means you got 3 weeks to register for what could be the biggest 1on1 event in quite some time. This season is a collaboration between original DuelMania admin, dopeskillz and the Ownage team. This also means that the scheduled 4th season of the Ownage duel tournament, will not take place this year.

So dust off those old dueling skills and get signed up for DuelMania!

DuelMania | Announcement | Signup
2011-08-28, 17:53
2011-08-28, 18:25
Awesomeness detected.
2011-08-28, 21:02
2011-08-28, 21:02
Nothing bad about ShowDown, but DuelMania and Ownage were two... somehow greater tournaments.
2011-08-28, 21:14
i want reppie.
2011-08-28, 21:19
"No match reports will be registered before the match has been reported 100% correct. No exceptions!"

Might be finished during 2013-14 if Locktar signs up. If we're lucky
2011-08-28, 21:35
Also seems like ShowDown 1v1 will start in a few days -
2011-08-28, 21:45
Good stuff. Doesn't hurt having two duel tournaments simultaniously running either. Must have been a while..
2011-08-29, 06:14
It would be fun with some noob-duel torunament for us that are really sucky at 1on1!

(yeah its hard to decide who gets to play in that one but its up to the admins)
2011-08-29, 10:16
Yeah, I almost signed up but then I realised I havent played QW for months and would be painfully destroyed.
2011-08-29, 12:45
maybe will be good, give five _o/ x)
2011-08-29, 13:57
@spirit dont forget to hit the SIGNUP button! Only register wont help
2011-08-29, 14:12
anni, I think he decided not to sign up, because he thinks that he doesn't stand a chance.

However, he should sign up anyway! Even tho most will get beaten badly in the first round, remember that duelmania is double-elimination! So you'll get to meet all the other sucky players in the losers-bracket!
2011-08-29, 14:20
a qwdl season 3 would be the best for us, noobish players.
2011-08-29, 19:36
Damn it, cant play! Still wondering why dm2 hasnt been replaced by a new map :/ Play more doomed!
2011-08-29, 19:56
#13: I believe full double elimination always puts the lowest seeded available players against the highest seeded avialable players - even in losers' bracket. So that won't help "sucky" players really - they will not meet each other. FDE is simply not suitable for them and I'd not recommend newcomers to sign-up to Duelmania.
2011-08-29, 20:02
MQWCL and FuhQuake are allowed? Seeing this always puts me off from trying to implement any sort of anti-cheats, like e.g. strafescript prevention or more f_modified sound checks. Also what about FTEQW and fodquake? Hello, it's 2011...
2011-08-30, 21:01
Even if you're not planning on winning anything, you could still sign up to show your support to an initiative like this. Same goes for ShowDown. Just create your own personal goal, and have some fun doing your best.
2011-08-31, 01:39
Does everyone sign up for this tournament to actually WIN it? Not signing up because one would get owned doesn't make sense.

Everyone but 1 player are gonna be losers and pissed. The question is how MUCH of a loser you want to be. Remember that NOT signing up directly qualifies you for the very bottom spot - the biggest loser of them all.

Sign up guys and contribute to the quakeworld community and tournament admins. The more players the funnier tournament!
2011-08-31, 02:32
I am one of those QW'ers who is a bottom feeder, but signs up to support the community. I want a way to see my current skill level relative to others, and see if I can improve on it in any way. But I want something more than just a W/L to show improvement. I want hard raw numbers, and graphs, and details that show improvement. I am a nerd like that. I want to know that if I was supposed to lose 40-2, that I improved by losing 40-3.

To fill this desire to measure my own improvement I recently re-started working on a ratings app that I plan to use for myself. I posted about it in the forum last year, but as usual I got busy and playing QW became more interesting than working on this mini project.

Phil's videos got me interested in it again. I want to provide it to admins so they can choose to use it if desired as well. It is a small piece of a bigger puzzle that the QWL folks are working on, and whom I support and am trying to help.

Here is an example of a screenshot of 2010 1on1 data on dm4 (maga shown):

I know I will use it for my own measurements, but maybe others can find value in it and use it as a way to get more medium/bottom feeders to sign up and give it a go.
2011-09-05, 08:48
I signed up to win, no doubt! Fear me Rikoll almighty!
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