ParadokS  /  14 Aug 2011, 22:08
QuakePhil radio show
So tonight Phil hosted another show with his co-host ParadokS. The show has been dubbed "QUAKE IS DEAD" and we talk about 'anything quake'.
It's open for anyone to call in via SKYPE by adding his skype nickname: QuakePhil
We also take questions via irc ( @ #quakeworld)

Our next show will be hosted on Wedsnday 17th. around 23.00 CET where we will have some live interviews with some of the top teams in division 1 - and talk about ... anything quake.

You can catch our previous shows @ as well as the LIVE stream.
2011-08-15, 12:25
Show us your Quake is dead
2011-08-15, 13:55
kielbasa paradox
2011-08-15, 15:05
Very dry show, I will try to call in so it will become awesome
2011-08-15, 16:08
#3 yeah you could talk some about playing vs seese on aerowalk
2011-08-15, 16:12
Good stuff. Keep it up! :-)
2011-08-15, 19:44
Paradoks hates "The Office" ?!?!! This is completely and totally incomprehensible, I even wonder about his state of mind

Anyway, thanks for the entertaining interview and good luck with the next episode!
2011-08-17, 08:13
Any chance for downloads?
2011-08-17, 08:58
downloads? you can watch the archived stream on the site.
2011-08-17, 09:37
I (extremist archivist zealot) would not call something on a third-party site I never heard of before and that is serving through Flash "archived" in any way. ;(
2011-08-17, 22:06
nice "no-show"
2011-08-18, 02:51
ye phil got held up by work and had to push it back 2 hours then it was too late for our callers 8(
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