pleuraXeraphim  /  14 Jul 2011, 14:44
QuakeWorld - Australia
Recently old skool player xiLe has returned to playing QuakeWorld and is planning on breathing some life back in to the Australian qw scene. So for any Australian based players heres the vital info.

Once xiLe has gathered enough Australian players together the plan is to kick off a duel league tourney in a few weeks time. So make sure to keep an eye on the follow site for further details. Ozquake Duel Tourney

A new irc channel for players to hang out in has been set up on irc.gamesurge.net called #ozquake ( Web Link: ) and there is also a new QW.NU sub-forum for Australian players to post to as follows: Ozquake - Forum

Finally he has set up a couple of new QW servers based in Sydney
OzQuake KTX Server #1 (stream2.stipeserver.com:28001)
OzQuake KTX Server #2 (stream2.stipeserver.com:28002)

Perhaps he can motivate the likes of reload and other such greats back to playing.
2011-07-14, 15:27
Cool that you got this off the ground, hope you'll get many players in the tournament! GL!
2011-07-14, 15:54
Reload! \o/
2011-07-14, 17:07
Thanks guys
2011-07-14, 18:33
Bring back besmella or all is lost!
2011-07-14, 19:34
Good luck xile! The aussie scene was great, and spawned many good, offensive and entertaining duellers whose demos I really enjoyed (Ichor's demo archive, wart's lan demos, village challenge etc.). Besmella offered some drama that is badly needed and missed nowadays

Aussie Aussie Aussie!
2011-07-15, 03:51
I hear you Zalon, I think moving forward we just have to do what we can! Besmella has been inactive/dead for quite some time now but it is greatly missed. The irc still has a few people who idle.. I did try getting hold of Dirtbox.. but it appears he is busy doing his own thing from what i herd I believe he is away travelling. So I'm doing my best to get OzQuake up and running as it seems no one else is doing much for QW over here so I've steeped up to the plate, try and round up the remaining people and hopefully find some fresh blood along the way.

G'day Andy, Your not wrong mate thanks for your kind words

2011-07-15, 17:42
Dirtbox lives in Europe now iirc.
2011-07-18, 06:01
2011-07-18, 22:00
It's always exciting to hear such things. Hope you guys have a great response there!
2011-07-19, 13:15
hey i remember quake lol
2011-07-19, 21:44
welcome back povo
2011-07-21, 06:24
im keen!! lets see what i remember after 7 years afk.

As long as it's b4 the old republic comes out
2011-07-22, 01:04
2011-07-24, 20:53
Is there any starting date for the tournament?
2011-07-28, 12:14
in about 2 weeks time Ake.
2011-07-30, 03:27
Don't forget to upload demos to chtv =-)
2011-08-01, 18:31
where's Venom?
2011-08-11, 10:46
What about Driz who played for us?
2011-08-11, 11:14
omg its johnie \o/
2011-08-12, 12:05
Hey pleura
2011-08-15, 08:03
hey johnie, long tmie! I'm still in london so no duelling thingy for me!
2011-08-18, 10:44
Where in London?
2011-08-24, 19:50
Johnie.... When you getting back on the servers ?
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