mli  /  11 Jul 2011, 12:19
New FFA Server Opened has opened a new QuakeWorld FFA Server. The server is running MVDSV and KTX in matchless mode. Maxplayers is currently set to 8 and timelimit to 10. Powerups and automatic demo recording are on. The current map selection consist of relatively small maps:
* dm2
* ztndm3
* dm3
* ztndm4
* e1m2
* ztndm5
* dm6
* ztndm6
* dm4
* aerowalk

The server can be found at: FFA DM Small @

There is also a thread about the server in's forum.
2011-07-11, 16:52
good news
regarding ffa servers, imo the default port on xs4all should be used by rookies only. the >1 yr players should use other port, or, who knows, this one =)
2011-07-11, 17:39
its on qtv?!?!?
2011-07-26, 20:51
seems like nobody plays there, even if xs4all if full of 16 ppl in dm4
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