Zalon  /  30 Jun 2011, 21:06
Book your ticket for QHLAN 15!
I'm happy to announce yet another QHLAN held in partnership with the Hazard LAN-Association.

QHLAN15 will be at the same venue as we had for QHLAN14, where we currently have 60 dedicated seats for QuakeWorld players - Depending on the number of attendees, more seats can be made available.

The LAN will kickoff Thursday the 3rd and last until Sunday the 6th of November. Don't miss out on 4 days of action packed QuakeWorld madness in ice-cold Stockholm, Sweden.

QuakeWorld tournaments
1on1, 2on2, 4on4

Prize purse: To be announced

The ticket price is 150SEK(?!) + a tournament fee, that might be added depending on sponsor deals.

More info coming soon - Book your ticket today!
2011-06-30, 21:08
To those of you who've never visited QHLAN...
Please come and say hi!
To those of you who've already been to QHLAN...
I know you're gonna come say hi!

Hope to see you all in November!
2011-06-30, 21:24
Ses på LAN!
2011-06-30, 21:27
I'm already there. Ses på LAN!
2011-06-30, 21:28
Då kör vi typ!
2011-06-30, 21:37
Last QHLAN was nice except for the schedule. I'd skip out either 4on4 or 2on2 and try to make a decent schedule so that you don't end up with finals running from 04-07 in the morning again. Another thing with that many games is that it doesn't leave much time for beer rounds etc.
2011-06-30, 21:43
Yeah, but if you remember XantoM, we delayed the tourneys because we had to wait for some people arriving late...
2011-06-30, 21:48
Sounds hotter than hell! Hope there will be as good attendance as last time \o/
2011-07-01, 00:10
coming fo sho baby!
2011-07-01, 02:00
Ses på lan! [-FEST-]
2011-07-01, 03:15
ses på lan
2011-07-01, 09:20
Okay bzzz ? nem

Ticket booked!
2011-07-01, 15:14
I am there but please try to arrange a little bit better chairs then the ones where usesally 6 year olds sit on :E
2011-07-01, 15:18
Pfft, they work perfectly for krab
2011-07-01, 19:46
Is there any information on pc/monitor rentals yet?

Ses på LAN!
2011-07-02, 11:42
We can get the same pc's and monitors as last year
2011-07-02, 15:55
Can we atleast try to arrange something with the rental pc's so that we can put in our own vga card or something, the onboard ati card was uber crap with random fps lags.

Maybe higher the price for rental or make some agreement that when it breaks you have to pay for it.
2011-07-03, 08:09
This will be a tight one for me if my flights back aren't right on time :F
2011-07-03, 08:15
Well the computers we used before is beeing scrapped at the school so I'm kind a stealing a couple. The problem is that there is only low profile slots in the chassi. Otherwise I can take some other computers but their CPU is slower just Pentum Dual Core but miditower chassi so it can fit any VGA card both have 16x PCI-e slots. So yout choice. =)
2011-07-03, 08:27
Pentium Dual core with fast vga is better then fast cpu with sucky onboard vga so i rather use the first one
2011-07-03, 08:31
Ok will hide some of them to in my storage =) will put up some info on the website next week about the computers.
2011-07-04, 13:03
Wow, great news!
Thanks for letting us know this early. I will definately come, after all it was 9 years ago I last attended a QHLAN 8) Time to book some flight tiiiiiiiickets!

Ses på lan.
2011-07-04, 13:12
22st HP dx2400 with Pentium DualCore is now hidden in storage they got a free PCI-e 16x slot and only internal graphics so you have to bring your own GPU to use them, will save some Dell 745 C2D with Ati X1800 to. We also got a bunch of CRT monitors, not the best but they work.
2011-07-04, 14:05
Anyone else coming from London?
2011-07-04, 14:29
Hagge aka Globetrotter
2011-07-04, 15:16
THX Nightflash, sounds good. I also need a nice monitor that can do 120hz
2011-07-04, 16:13
I will rise you with a 7 year old HP LCD monitor that barely can show pixels =)
We'll see what QH can scramble together.
2011-07-05, 15:33
A few questions...

When on Thursday will the LAN kick off? And when on Sunday will it finish? I would prefer not having to take Thursday off, but the only flight I can take after work will land at 23.40 at Arlanda, which seems a bit late. How long will it take me to get from Arlanda to the lan? Is there any chance of getting picked up for a nice little fee? Would prefer not having to take the expensive Arlanda Express

When will the first QW tournament start? And when will the last one finish?

Thanks in advance!
2011-07-05, 16:12
Normally it start and ends at 12.00 So you would need to get there thursday morning or wednesday night.

Last time me, Niw and Whimp got pickedup at Arlanda airport and it was about an hour drive to the lan.
2011-07-05, 16:31
Ok thanks, so might be wise to take Thursday off then as well. Just have to make sure I save some holiday for then So it's possible to come already on the Wednesday (if necessary)?

Good to know, but I suppose they don't want to pick you up if you're the only one coming at a certain time? So just have to make sure I come at the same time as you guys! When will that be? Sharing a car with murdoc must mean no room for my legs though
2011-07-05, 18:18
We are on set from wednesday 09:00 until sunday when we are done and that is around 20:00 if we're lucky. The event opens for the public at 12:00 thursday and ends at 12:00 sunday. Abroad ppl might be excused if they give us a heads up before they arrive.
QH is taking care of the transports so talk to Peppe or Zalon about that.
2011-07-12, 18:19
Hagge, if I come it will be leaving on Thursday and coming back on Sunday.
Considering this option:

Arrives at Arlanda 14:15 on Thursday so maybe see what time other international visitors are arriving.
2011-07-13, 10:28
That option looks good HangTime. So when are you deciding about coming or not? Because if you do come, we should definately try to get the same flights and increase the chance of getting picked up I'm basically 100% up for coming, but want to book as soon as possible to decrease the risk of pulling out because of some other plans
2011-07-28, 17:23
Which airport to choose if you are goin to visit the lan ? arlanda or bromma ?
2011-07-29, 21:37
I think arlanda.
2011-07-31, 11:37
NightFlash, can you find me a nice CRT screen as well, that is not green all over the place like last time :-) I will bring my laptop and a mini-displayport to vga adapter (I guess all the CRT you have are VGA, right?)
2011-08-13, 22:18
Will Jimo be there also?
2011-09-01, 07:43
Defcon: Bromma is closer!
2011-09-21, 23:55
Bra inlägg bp! ( ser du att jag håller mig uppdaterad via min mobil ) * rodnar *
2011-09-29, 14:21
Too bad the site is in swedish and clicking on the english flag, its still in swedish
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