Kapitan Kloze  /  22 Jun 2011, 12:17
It has been 15 years...
...and it's still rollin'!

You - the nameless soldiers, awakened in the morning to their commander. Unknown enemy codenamed Quake devastates your military base by sending legions of death through the gates of teleportation, called Slipgate. You are called to lead the operation of retaliation, after passing through the gates to the enemy and defeat him in his measurements. In the final part of the game is that the Quake - it's actually Shub-Niggurath, still an ancient god who appears as a swollen mass of flesh with tentacles wriggling. The demon seems, is immune to conventional weapons, but the protagonist ultimately finds a way to destroy it from within.

The best game ever created was released by ID Software on 22th of June 1996 and it revolutionized the entire FPS genre. It featured the then state-of-the-art graphics, incredibly dynamic physics, full-3D environment and gloomy atmosphere (which is so different in comparison to today's mainstream pussy FPS games). But the main reason for Quake to be a real breakthrough was its multiplayer. The clear distinction among weapons, rapid pace and action that had never been seen before, the physics which allowed to control the player freely - to name just a few. The QuakeWorld mod that had been released almost 6 moths later and clients like EZQuake propelled the game even farther - to the point we are in today. Let's hope that the game will still develop and the QW scene will die last!

Long live the Quake!
P.S. Share your QW greatest moments and memories of your beginnings in the comments below.
Quake 15th anniversary video
2011-06-22, 14:41
Playing e2m5 during NQR2 and actually beat some high ranked teams on it
2011-06-22, 19:57
NQR 8 Division 5 Winner ► SMACK THAT ASS !!
2011-06-22, 20:25
Well to say clients like ezQuake propelled QW forward is probably a bit too late in the game, it was more stuff like Qizmo and MQWCL that revolutionized QW in a broader sense IIRC. Those were some of the projects that really took the game out of the muck for me and added a lot of depth. And of course the wealth of mods like TF CTF and RA.
2011-06-22, 20:30
Aww, so many good memories..
1.) Being able to top the frags on sniper.quake.inet.fi(?) server which was Teamfortress Sniperwar server, I dont still know how I managed to hit ANYTHING with 30fps and 300 ping.
2.) Doing my first commentary was pretty exciting!
3.) "Playing" with MoFo in last EQL! It was a really fun, thanks guys!
2011-06-22, 21:41
13 years ago Portugal had like 10 or more servers (between DM, FFA, CTF, TF, RA, CA...) and still i had to wait/spec to play a game because the servers were full. At that time it sucked waiting to play. Today i miss those times...
2011-06-22, 22:56
Watching TGI was absolutely great: never have I seen more skilled players gathered together for a 1/1 tourney. Even the Mighty Reload showed up (and kicked everybody's ass on dm2). Watching SK-Kane and Lakerman was also a priviledge. Especially Kane's style was very dynamic back in the days (purposefully imitted Reload here )
2011-06-23, 07:39
Found this video link on bluesnews, maybe someone finds this entertaining:
2011-06-23, 08:54
"Quake is carnage. Carnage is good" - great vid andy!
Added to the news.

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2011-06-24, 00:29
f@^# quake! Duke Nukem Forever is out !!! :E
2011-06-24, 10:19
It has been great fun playing with GamBlers, Olw and Chosen.
2011-06-29, 20:41
Greatest moments?
-SF winning MCW div3 by beating rival clan IR in the final game and getting a good write up on Barrysworld, which was probably the biggest gaming site in the UK at the time (looking back now sometimes I wonder if we should do more coverage, it must be great for new players to see their names up in lights)
-Hyphen beating SR in NQR4 (last time I checked their records page, the alltime lowest SR score on e1m2 was still from that game). Kinda strange to have it as a good memory as it was just one victory in an eventually unsuccessful season, but it gave us a good vibe, people coming in IRC to give congratulations, our first big 'scalp' in an official game
-Watching Jimbob bunnyhopping back when it was quite rare
-Commentating on CMF-DS NQR semifinal, 5 map epic, came out feeling that I'd not only witnessed something great but actually added some value to the occasion.

As for memories of my beginnings in Quake, the first time I played it was ~21:00 on 14/10/1997. I was used to Doom2 where there was a map and I couldn't figure out how to bring it up in Quake
2011-08-06, 14:36
i need to get my ass onto qw again i nearly shed a tear reading this I turned down a shagg once because I woulda been late for a clan game thats how much I love QW!

ahh HT the old barrysworld days the early days of my quake history I remember i used to play on the old zetnet servers then got introduced to clans and the quake world that existed out there with the likes of barrysworld etc - couldnt get enough of it!

-playing with XZ was brilliant played a lot of stronger teams and felt we done well also some load of laughs and it was always enjoyable
-playing with clans like MereMortals, TRASH, Boefje, 4k, N3philim, ahh damn some good memories!!
-watching videos of SK etc non stop for new moves etc and skills
-playing 1v1s and in playing clans with my bro swoop in the same room lan'd was excellent,
-I remember playing on a ffa server with jimbob etc and someone was specing and asked was I in 4k and I said no and they said you should be- put a smile on my face.
-Basically everything in QW was a great memory- spending time editing configs, making skins, playing against bots in the early days, doing everything to try and better yourself, ahh i need some QW!
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