pleuraXeraphim  /  23 May 2011, 11:09
Season 2 Grand Finale over....
....Season 3 signups open - By js501

The grand finale (which harked the grand finale of Season 1, Rikoll vs bps!) is now officially over, and Rikoll won the first 2 maps, and the last round was played as a best 2 of 3, of which Rikoll won the first 2 maps again.

Thus Rikoll won all the maps and lost none in the grand finale.
Congratulations to Rikoll for winning Season 2 (and also winning Season 1 before)!
Standings are as follows:

1. Rikoll (Clan Fusion) (Rikoll vs bps demo)
2. bps (Clan SuddenDeath) (bps vs marklar demo: demo)
3. marklar (Clan CMF) (marklar vs Rikoll demo)
4. LocKtar (Clan SuddenDeath) (LockTar vs bps demo)

Congratulations to the finalists, and thanks to all for playing and making Season 2 a great season!

Signups for ShowDown 1v1 QWDM Tournament Season 3 is now open!
The deadline to register is May 30, 2011 24:00 CET.
Register HERE
2011-05-23, 21:16
Congrats Rik!
I watched some of the maps and I must say it was impressive. Has been a long time (I guess) since someone controlled "all" important maps so well (in direct comparison to the also very good opposition, of course).
2011-06-02, 07:02
Good work LocKtar!
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