ParadokS  /  29 Mar 2011, 09:02
EQL 13 week 6 review
Dormant teams are getting up to speed. Veterans back in action. A dark horse is emerging in the lower part of the table. A farewell to a team and a super Sunday.

This is only a smidgen of what you can expect in this week 6 review.
Sorry for the delay.
Division 1:

It has become clear by now that Fairy Tail will not be able to complete this season of EQL. It's always a shame to see a team go down but I can't really say they will be missed.
With Avenger leading goqsane and their fellow mates into EQL was like the blind leading the deaf. I bet Diki and Maga are anxious to get back into the old folds of tVS, lets see if they can't help motivate their former teamates for an exciting reunion.

On to more merry things. Last weeks games once again were compressed into one hell of a super Sunday with 6 out of 10 games played.
Things have definitely been mixed up since last time i set out to check out the standings.
clan MalFunction has shown a steady performance increase through the season and are now firmly placed 2nd only behind Slackers. They are 7 points ahead of Fusion, which they helped earn in this week doing a hat-trick taking down Fusion, SuddenDeath and Slackers II.
It looks like they are getting ready to playoffs which from my understanding is suppose to go underway next week.

Fusion has also been climbing the ranks. As you might remember from last weeks review, I was giving a hail mary for Fusion to get their asses in gear. It seems my prayers have been heard, as they were also very active this week with 3 games.
Another (not so surprising) predcition was ofcourse that activity from this strong team, would secure them points. Barely taking down TeamKillers and winning their 2nd map vs Slackers II by only 6 frags was a clear indication that F is not fully up to speed. This was displayed in their clash against SuddenDeath. Taking DM3 with ease, but getting a beat down on DM2 only to take it home in the end on E1M2 with a small margin. But perhaps it is to be expected from 2 equal teams. SuddenDeath themselfs have kept up and played their share of games. They were also falling behind but managed to pull 3 matches this week. It's great to see the famous duo of razor & reppie back in action, but with the lineup choices of SD it also hurts a bit to see molle/ mawe/ lakso getting benched as they have performed so strong this season. And with razor's unstable connection one might wonder why he is getting all this face time. He is that good?

Slackers managed to squeeze another 2 games in this week against SRII and SD where SD once again showed a strong performance on E1M2 making this win for SR a mere 50 frag difference.
Slackers on par with cMF in played games, but leading by 6 points, do not really have to worry about winning the regular season. But they might have to keep a close eye on the competetion to see who they will face in the playoffs. The pieces of this division 1 puzzle has not yet settled into place.

The dark horse in the end game has to be CCCP. Somehow Squeeze managed to switch from Fusion, despite having 8 maps played during the season. With blAze and kingpin back in action and even the occational games from nitram it's probably a good move from sqz to join forces with the "russians" who seem to lack in activity even after adding 3 good swedish players. Lets see if this notorious clan jumper can stick around after the season is done. I have my doubts.

But it looks to be a perfect fit for CCCP. They are 6th now. With 6 games but only 5 points behind SR2, and only a little bit more up to SD, it's possible they will be able to climb the ranks if they put some REAL effort in it this week. 1 super Sunday for this team will not be enough to avoid playing SR in first round of playoffs.

Good luck to all participants of EQL 13 as they finish their last week and get ready for playoffs!
2011-03-29, 09:14
nice stuff para!

stay classy
2011-03-29, 09:57
Yeah, some nice coverage right there.

Ill write a playoff prediction for division 2 once the table has settled.
2011-03-29, 10:53
Milton, wanna join slackers 2 for our last games? seems possible
2011-03-29, 10:54
hahah niw
2011-03-29, 11:26
yep milton, come play with us the last games, easy eql13 win!
2011-03-29, 12:13
Would be so funny if milton actually joined SR2 and managed to help them win all the playoff games
2011-03-29, 13:09
I don't think ParadokS would ever allow that. It's like in Formula 1 with Schumacher, if SR2 were to lead vs SR1 Para will order them to stop playing and let them pass.
2011-03-29, 13:15
nice roundup para. keep em coming.
2011-03-29, 13:58
I lol'd
2011-03-29, 21:49
I don't have a problem with players switching clans mid-season, however IMO they should not be allowed to play matches against teams they have already faced. Otherwise a player could play like 12 games for one clan, and then suddenly jump to a team that's played fewer games, and play another 12 games there. Which is hardly fair on the opponents that have to face him more than the alloted number of times.

e.g. you could play twice vs tVS, then Milton joins SR2 and you have to play him twice again, gg.
2011-03-29, 22:09
I don't get the problem? It's a constantly decreasing scene where a clan needed more players to stay active and Squeeze offered to help them out and we allowed it.

It might have been a different matter if it actually was about Milton or any other div0 player switching, but this whine is just insanely lame, especially when it comes from a person in the currently best clan.
2011-03-29, 22:38
Spicy enough write up. I really liked the intro: "Dormant teams are getting up to speed. Veterans back in action. A dark horse is emerging in the lower part of the table. A farewell to a team and a super Sunday." Kinda how I would expect an American sports journalists to write about a closure on some big sports event. And yes, I meant that in a good way. Canadians probably wouldn't think much of it, tho.

Keep it up!
2011-03-29, 22:45
Canadians are probably not happy about getting American flags :E
2011-03-30, 03:48
I'm not whining. But I remember some seasons ago players could not switch clans if they had played official games already for another team. This rule has been removed so now admins can do whatever they want. I think it's great that sqz could join cccp. F had too many players and cccp too few, perfect match. And no, sqz is no milton so that also eliminates some of the controversy.

But it still opens up some doors down the line for other players and more sticky situations. I just think it would have been nice if admins weighed more in on the facts of this particular case making it clear why he was allowed to switch. Everyone should understand this particular situation was ~ok.

btw, if you interpret my mention of this in the newspost as whine, you are wrong. I merely tried to mix things up and create some debate. I hate writing long articles or newsposts and no one comments on them =) And it wasn't exactly a non-issue either, as I stated before, this was not allowed in previous seasons. Although there was an incident which caused great drama where springs from div1 joined a div2 team just before the finals, to beat DC in a 5 mapper ( )

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2011-03-30, 07:23
juicy article para, creds
2011-03-30, 08:59
Yeah, that was a really dirty trick back then :EE
2011-03-30, 09:35
Here is some great whine about a denied player move:
2011-03-30, 09:59
There should be a strict rule on that, say, "if a player plays at least 50 % of the total amount of games played by a team, he must not join any other team. The rule applies to teams which have played at least 50 % of their games"

A transfer between division is unfathomable for me. Shame on you for that move (Para's comment)
2011-03-30, 10:13
I think its better with a case to case approach.
Id rather let a team add someone of equal skill than having them go idle.

EQL11 A2K case:
Xenic and Meshuggah were removed while Dahmer and Springs were added.
Were a2k better or worse off? Cant be sure.
2011-03-30, 10:20
But nice of Para to exclude facts and just say that "springs from div1 joined a div2 team just before the finals, to beat DC in a 5 mapper"

A2K 2on 3-1 btw so it wasnt a 5 mapper.
2011-03-30, 10:34
There was a really big discussion about this back in NQR7. Znappe's team played all of their matches in 3 weeks and then they threw a tantrum because the NQR crew wouldn't let their players play the rest of the season in other teams. Back then we took the "case by case" approach and really that's all you can do. If you start drawing lines then people will take the piss by stopping short of the line and pushing the limits of the written law. "Case by case" gives the admins more control of the situations where players are being ridiculous whilst also not restricting players who want to move for genuine reasons.
2011-03-30, 19:50
I think it's OK to draw a line when you have a clear consensus on where you think the line should be, but I would agree that in some cases it can be hard to come up with such a line when you want to prevent 'something-that-seems-a-bit-lame-but-it-isn't-black-and-white-and-involves-too-many-variables'

As for the whole "it's not Milton so who cares?" argument, I think that's a very dangerous road to go down, having one rule for some players and then making a subjective judgement on skill as to whether it should affect others. Something simple like I suggested (banned from playing against clans you've already faced) should suffice, it would at least make clan-hopping slightly less attractive, unless you are in a very inactive clan, in which case chances are an active player probably could feel justified in wanting to move elsewhere.
2011-03-31, 07:45
Another way to go about the issue is to give all the clans in the division a vote each. Im pretty sure no one would have objected to sqz moving to CCCP, might be the best "case-to-case" procedure in the end.
2011-03-31, 08:04
Btw, a player that havent played any games this season can freely be added to any clan in div1, that has not used its adds/swaps, before the playoffs.

So milton, for example, could join any div1 team at this point.
2011-03-31, 11:56
@HangTime: "it would at least make clan-hopping slightly less attractive"

It's not like its a common problem, not even a minor problem atm. So I see no need for it really. We are currently judging it case by case and weighting in the obvious factors. If people want to abuse the system we will most likely notice it. But as I said, it hasn't been a problem for the last 5-6 seasons I've been admin for atleast.
2011-03-31, 22:24
#7 hahahahahahhahaha
2011-04-01, 19:50
I'm not suggesting it is a major problem... neither is cheating, but we still have rules or at least guidelines about it. My rule wouldn't prevent players from switching clans, but it would ensure that they can't play more than the 'maximum' number of games. Like I said, I'm not trying to prevent player movements, just ensure that it is fair for everyone i.e. you don't have to face the same player more than once in regular season (or twice in case of div1).
2011-04-03, 09:50
A player in the NHL once played 84 games, due to a transfer, during a season alltho the maximum number of games was 82
2011-04-03, 16:42
Well HangTime, so if a clan is dependent on their new addition and has for eg. 4 games left to play, which happens to be the 4 opponents he can't play, the games can't be played due to your rule. So in a small community like this, static rules like this always give birth to new problems. What should we do in the case above, give an exception? Deny him to play and let there be WO's?

I do think we could agree on, and that we need, some guidelines to follow, but still look into each (rare) case individually.
2011-04-10, 02:34
Well when it comes to transfers in division 1 I think anything goes aslong as its done before playoffs starts, as soon as playoffs starts no trades should be allowed however.
There's really no reasons at all why transfers in div1 during regular season under any circumstances shouldn't be allowed, div1 is as high as you can go and has the best players/teams, a transfer can't make a team too strong for play in div1..
The only time there would be a problem with allowing transfers in div1 would be for example if diki and avenger wanted to leave FT for another div1 clan.
The leftover team could no longer be considered div1 at all, however this is an ethical problem not an actual "rules" or gamebreaking problem.

Div 2 and 3 transfers need to be handled on a case to case basis since the varying amount of skill of players in teams, some players are too good or too bad for their respective division but the combination of other players in the team that are far better/worse than themselves give their team balance.
Fix was a div1 player in a div3 clan that made them div2. Fix ofcourse can't be allowed to transfer to a div2 team that is the best team in the division, that team would be considered div1

In the end my general consensus is that during regular season no matter how many games you have played for your team or how much of the season has passed, the possibility of being allowed to transfer should always exist.
Other factors, such as the players skill, and team he wishes to join should be key in allowing or denying a trade in div 2&3.
As soon as playoffs start all transfers should be denied.
2011-04-11, 08:40
Sounds like it would be impossible for csn to recruit rkd ;(
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