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Renzo  /  25 Mar 2011, 12:26
KTX: Bloodfest
Ever thought how survival game mode fits into QuakeWorld? Now is your chance to test it, as recently KTX-team has been working on a new survival game mode called Bloodfest. Read more to find what is this all about.
The main idea of Bloodfest is to team up with some friends and start slaughtering some innocent and cute monsters. The longer you survive, the harder surviving becomes. The more people are alive, the easier surviving should be, but this isn't always the case since teammates can be very hazardous to your health with their misplaced quad rockets.

How do you enable Bloodfest on servers? By typing /votecoop and then voting for a map. The supported maps currently are:


Also a few words about how Bloodfest works:

Bloodfest rules wrote:

- monsters spawn in waves in 20 second intervals

- each wave has 20% more monsters than the previous wave

- each monster killed gives player +1 to score

- each monster killed gives player +3HP and +2RA

- team and self damage is enabled

- monsters drop quad damage occasionally

- dropped quad damage will lose its duration, so it should be picked up fast

- quad damage duration stacks, but only up to 30 seconds

- player with least hp should probably take the quad damage since it allows faster regeneration (easier kills)

- each monster takes heavy environmental damage from lava, slime and water (except fish)

- fish are 5 times faster than they normally would be

- lg discharge makes no damage, but lg will be lost in the process

Playing Bloodfest is rather taxing due to numerous entities in the map (up to 100 monsters, gibs, projectiles, players, so don't wonder if your machine can't handle it like normal games.

Bloodfest requirements wrote:

- a fast cpu, rendering a lot of monsters and projectiles will cause a huge fps drop even on the fastest computers

- high rate value: rates can go beyond 30000 so if you don't want to drop frame updates, use higher rate than this

- ezQuake 2.1 beta or newer

- if you need routing, make sure the proxy you are using is updated

Note!: Qizmo is not supported

The servers that support Bloodfest currently are: (always the latest development version with latest map support)

Also note that Bloodfest is still under development, so there are bugs to be found, so don't wonder if you get telefragged by monsters or get stuck to your teammate in the beginning of the round.
2011-03-25, 12:39
very cool, i've been trying some today and it's a lot of fun ;p
2011-03-25, 15:52
lots of fun, and lots of gibbing but my 6700 128mb gfx doesnt like it as much as i do ;(
2011-03-25, 20:53
Very nice.

Now we need a small ezquake based client with some nice graphics, default configuration for moving and shooting and with autoconnect to nearest newbies bloodfest server right after installation. We don't need ID maps there, so the client could be absolutely free and very light.

We can get some additional players to the community with mods like this.
2011-03-25, 20:56
That's an interesting idea. Keep in mind though that if it lights up the client, it does take a toll on the server side, spawning so many monsters... I've seen quite big increases of CPU usage on mine for sure.
2011-03-25, 21:05
Yeah I noticed something while playing earlier on arena5.bsp that it seemed more jerky than I would expect, I had over 400fps and wasn't rate limited. ~400fps was a lot lower than I normally get of course but if I load the map on localhost and cap fps it didn't seem laggy. Not sure if maybe it was down to some kind of server-side lag or what.
2011-03-25, 22:06
u dont have all maps in your server deurk
2011-03-25, 22:06
problem with start-spawn if there are more than 2-3players on the smaller maps
2011-03-26, 01:52
we have been playing several hours, and:
- bloodfest (best map) - very nice map but only 3 max players
- we were playing about 10 maps without powerups; after those they start showing (droped from monsters) - that was weird;
- its very annoying when on maps can spawn 3-4players max (those we played) - and not every time - we have to break/ready several times - is there any chance to increase point spawns?
- - we would like to play all maps form the pool :]
2011-03-26, 02:14
ponczek wrote:

we were playing about 10 maps without powerups; after those they start showing (droped from monsters) - that was weird;

A problem with deurk's server/bloodfest configs, he probably messed up the dir the configs should have been in.

ponczek wrote:

is there any chance to increase point spawns?

Yes, it can be done easily with few lines of code in map's .ent file. I am not pushing every change to mapcfgs/ents to the KTX repositary (because the map support is not final, ents can change every 30mins at best), so the only server running the very latest changes is, like mentioned in the news post itself.

ponczek wrote: - we would like to play all maps form the pool :]

My last reply applies here too.
2011-03-27, 14:44
Fun mod, but there isn't much coop atm. Teammates are just a nuisance at least after initial stages. Best strategy seems to be to stay away from them. Often the last guy survives much longer than anyone else. He gets effectively permanent quad, and plenty of kills (=life), not having to share with anyone.

Might be worth testing to have shared armor/health.
2011-03-27, 15:05
And some goals/achievments.

Must get to somewhere or survive an onslaught of shamblers etc
2011-03-28, 00:52
sometimes I cant connect to its qtv.. for both qw-dev and
2011-03-28, 14:20
i havent tried the mod but i can see some gameplay problems as #10 says. maybe it needs more thinking.

#11 is a good idea imo.
2011-03-28, 16:58
Killing a Shambler or Vore should also be more worth than e.g. killing a Scrag or Enforcer. What do you guys think?
2011-03-28, 20:41
#14 Yes. And maybe gain extra hp/armor points if you kill the monsters with weaker weapons, like sg and sng?
2011-03-28, 21:19
Due to alpha state of code and resource hog i will remove it temporally from qw-dev.
2011-03-28, 23:39
Did some monitoring earlier and was able to get rate dropped packets on a server with maxrate 50000. Looks like higher maxrate might be worthwhile for bloodfest servers that can handle it.
2011-03-29, 12:58
Ok, back on my servers.
2011-03-30, 14:42
"Note!: Qizmo is not supported"

I'm not able to qwz my demos of 4on4 prac on (normal port) last night.
2011-03-30, 18:14
It means Qizmo is not able to handle 256 entities per packet extension, so you will not see everything you would otherwise. Qizmo is outdated buggy piece of shit, and should die already.
2011-03-31, 09:16
Well, it had a good run.

In case there is someone else still using ezQuake's match_auto_record and Qizmo integration, change "demo_format" from the default qwz to qwd or mvd.
2011-03-31, 12:12
#14, ye: strong monster - more hp/armor.
IMHO, depends on monsters hp: round(sqrt(monster's hp)/4) to hp, and round(sqrt(monster's hp)/3) to red armor.
Rottweiler - 25 => 1/1
Rotfish - 25 => 1/1
Grunt - 30 => 1/1
Zombie - 60 => 1/2
Knight - 75 => 2/2
Enforcer - 80 => 2/2
Scrag - 80 => 2/2
Spawn - 80 => 2/2
Ogre - 200 => 3/4
Death Knight - 250 => 3/5
Fiend - 300 => 4/5
Vore - 400 => 5/6
Shambler - 600 => 6/8

And ofc fps drops like from 500-1000 to less then 100 are boring. :-(
2011-03-31, 12:14
P.S. Sometimes I had 252 red armor, but sometimes maximum was 250. Bug?
2011-03-31, 13:13
Not a bug, just being lazy and not setting it "properly". If you have 250/200, you can't get more hp+armor, but if you have 249/199 then it can go to 252/201 (there's no way you can have 250RA, it had to be health )

The formula for giving more hp/armor seems acceptable.
2011-03-31, 15:45
And may be +1 to maximum RA/HP for each 10 killed monsters?
2011-03-31, 20:27
Maximum RA/HP should still be capped but I the "points" you provided are worth a try.
2011-03-31, 20:28
2011-03-31, 22:45
well, have regen based on monster type now.
2011-04-01, 20:10
I definitely think it's better to give more armour than health too, because of the way RA works. Since RA takes 80% of damage you often end up with 0 armour and plenty of health (200+). So the ratio of regenerated health to armour should be lower (used to be 3:2, but VVD's suggestion above it a bit more like it, maybe it should be round(sqrt(monster's hp)/5) to hp instead of /4
2011-04-01, 20:18
Compared to +3/+2 it averages now to +3/+2,6

The health/armor is not the issue right now, unbelievably stupid and shitty AI is. Also map support blows big time due to this, and I've seen some abuse in dm4ish so I don't know if I want to "patch" that map or rather just ditch it.
2011-04-02, 00:04
Death6 needs more monster spawns on the top floor. Very easy to survive there and spam lower floors for health.

Barrel has a safe spot below lift to stairs tunnel because monsters are too dumb to walk the stairs. A good player will reach four digit scores easily by just camping there.
2011-04-02, 12:44
Shamblers don't seem to be blast resistant (half damage from rockets/pines) like in original Quake. It's supposed to take 12 rockets (even with direct hits) to kill one.

EzQuake single player has this bug so maybe its same with all of QW.
2011-04-02, 21:33
Or may be all to hp, if hp < HP_MAX. And to ra, if hp = HP_MAX && ra < RA_MAX.

#31, ye. I get 2000+ at Barrel in 1hour. :-D
Total 2678 in ~1h 20m. I was tired and fall down with 250:200 without quad - and can't go back to lift. :-D
2011-04-03, 11:16
Submitted #32 as a bug at

Maybe it's better to continue discussion there or at forum.
2011-04-05, 07:20
Definitely the good place to go Kalma.
You can also discuss it in thread here:
2011-04-06, 04:36
This mod is addicting as hell. Some suggestions: when I votecoop, why does the map have to change to start.bsp? That's annoying. Also, sometimes I have ~100 health and those blue slime things telefrag me or something at the very start of the game. Can we start with pent for about 0.5 seconds to prevent this? Lastly, can we have our glow on/off depending on whether we're ready? Or at least remove the need to ready up? It's kinda useless in this mod. Either the person is ready and the play, or they're not ready (and don't ready up), and they die early (as if they didn't ready up)
2011-04-06, 10:27
This mod is addicting as hell. Some suggestions: when I votecoop, why does the map have to change to start.bsp? That's annoying.

It is annoying indeed, maybe there will be a command that enables bloodfest directly, but I can't say for sure at this point.

Also, sometimes I have ~100 health and those blue slime things telefrag me or something at the very start of the game. Can we start with pent for about 0.5 seconds to prevent this?

You are starting the game with 2 seconds of pent already! The issue you described can only exist in situations where a monster goes through a teleport and you happen to be on the landing zone. This is a bug, and should be fixed at some point. You can't be telefragged by a normally spawning monster.

Lastly, can we have our glow on/off depending on whether we're ready? Or at least remove the need to ready up? It's kinda useless in this mod.

The glow has nothing to do with being ready or not, it is there to allow you to see where your teammates are even if you don't have direct line of sight to them (ie. behind a thin wall or so, for example in arena5).
2011-04-06, 13:45
Add a highscore list! , this will make ppl compete and perhaps develop co-tactics to stay alive for as long as possible. Tweaking the health regenerating formulas seem as a dead end to me as it will just move the point where staying alive is no longer possible.
2011-04-23, 05:45
why does the shambler have pent now? (playing barrel.bsp in
2013-10-15, 15:03
I'm angry. Can't find 1 server running this mod anymore. Why? What have I missed?
2013-10-15, 15:32 works!
2013-10-16, 03:14
if somebody is interested, I've made some GOOD NEW MAPS for this BLOODFEST:

lavagod (a bizarre map I made)

here's a download link:
(it's just the .ENT files, needed for spawning the monsters)

they are running at this server:

(Edited 2014-06-20, 16:58)
2013-10-16, 13:01
Works with fodquake 0.3 too, well at least up to ca. 3-400 points
2013-10-16, 14:44
Renzo, don't know if you can edit the main post, but if you want, feel free to add my new maps on the list!
2013-10-16, 16:27
This could could be nice for a fun tournament, sd vs. tvs, highest score wins
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