pleuraXeraphim  /  25 Mar 2011, 12:36
Appel à tous les français
deurk (from #qw-dev) and Metabaron have recently decided to gather the French QW community on their portal at www.quakeworld.fr .

Their aim is to try and grow the french speaking qw population by recruiting from promode and q3 amongst other avenues. If you know of any french speaking players that might be interested then point them to the french irc channel #qw.fr!
2011-03-25, 12:55
Et pour tous ceux qui trouvent le site moche, venez donnez vos commentaires et idées. Pour ceux qui ne peuvent pas aller sur IRC directement avec un client, n'oubliez-pas que vous pouvez le faire via web: http://webchat.quakenet.org/.
2011-03-25, 12:58
Pour ceux qui ne veulent que jouer, 3 grands rendez-vous en semaine: les lundis, mercredis et vendredis soirs, de 20h à minuit, en général sur les serveurs suivants:
- qw-dev.net:28001
- qw-dev.net:28002
- qw-dev.net:28003
- qw-dev.net:27500 (dev)
- lalooz.quakeworld.fr:28001
- lalooz.quakeworld.fr:28002
- lalooz.quakeworld.fr:28003
- lalooz.quakeworld.fr:28004
2011-03-25, 13:38
c'est une surprise pour moi d'apprendre qu'il y a une communaute de jouers francais - je connais de goupil qui joue avec oddballs mais personne d'autre (sauf toi!)

allez les bleus?!
2011-03-25, 20:02
I always wondered why such a large country as France has such a small (if any) QW scene - and that for about 10 or more years! At least when talking about international presence. But now, Germany's fate is similar...bonne chance avec vôtre page mon amies d'ouest! :-)
2011-03-25, 20:49
#4: Might be that they often surrender too quick?
2011-03-25, 20:54
Let's keep this out of political trolling, shall we? I think it is mostly due to the fact that French people play football games or something. All guys I know played QW in the past but weirdly enough, all of them moved on to something else, sometimes just even to a thing called RL... Shame. Good luck to you too Andy
2011-03-25, 22:12
2011-03-25, 23:08
I think #5 might be on to something...
2011-03-26, 01:36
From my experience there seems to be a large contingent of french L4D players.
2011-03-26, 10:14
Damn, le frâg mappe chaux de ultrav c'est magnifique!
2011-03-26, 11:59
French people prefer quakelive, it's way easier !
But at least there are some real men left here.
2011-03-26, 12:43
Je suis une valise!
2011-03-26, 13:21
Could be because video games are viewed as violent and useless in france... associated with an industry... (or not). Really quite a complex problem... The old community was over "elitist" and really too closed. So we decided to be more noob-friendly.
@deurk : ouais il est môche mon site mais drupal rocks! >]
2011-03-26, 13:46
Really good initative, indeed! Lets hope to see some more frenchies on the servers soon
2011-03-26, 16:36
lol @ #12
2011-03-27, 08:54
Nice work frenchies!
Where in France are those two servers? 25 ms to one, and 32 to the other
2011-03-27, 09:34
@metabaron : C'est vrai que le site pourrait être amélioré ! :p
Appel à tous les belges qui passeront par ici aussi ! (Si il y en a déjà eu ^^)
2011-03-28, 01:26
@deurk: ok new theme online. o>
2011-03-28, 16:02
#16: qw-dev is in Beauvais (north)
2011-03-30, 20:04
Les servers qw-dev.net sont le deuxieme goodest en l'europe!
J'ai 15ms \o/
2011-03-30, 21:52
Content qu'ils te plaisent!
2011-05-05, 06:54
Great !

I have to agree with viag: it is quite hard to move people, and even though there's re gonna be very enthusiast the first days, then they will stop slowly to participate...
Basically it comes from the fact the QW-ers / Quakers are generally middle age guys, and real life is eating their time (I know what I am talking about as I don't have that much free time to play / map as I would like)... anyway

Thanks for this QW.fr rebirth, and good luck for the future

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