sassa  /  19 May 2007, 02:42
Dag Def Extreme 3 Released!
It's finally done and will be released soon.
Pez has done an amazing job and this is by far the best QW movie I have ever seen!

Click here for more info
Pez wanted to explain why the filesize was so huge:
First of all, before you all whine about the filesize, that was a fucking tough encoding! ;E

Fact is that i wanted a clean and sharp image quality when i started this movie. So this meant no use of motion blur, then come the smoothness problem so that's why it's 40fps.
I've zoned as much as i could to gain bitrate on every parts and reduce the overall filesize. As in concern x264 after many tries and differents settings (and also sharing ideas with others moviemakers), the result was just giving me too much blurry big blocks which was not acceptable to me unless going into insane bitrate that not many pcs would be able to play.

Download links:

1500mb - 1024*576

fastest way to download it is through Torrent:
The pirate bay link HQ

Stream the movie or download from Own3d

HQ Blueyonder
HQ mirror2
HQ mirror3
HQ Xatah
HQ mirrormaid

MEDIUM 800mb - 768*432

MQ Blueyonder
MQ mirror2
MQ mirror3
MQ Xatah
MQ Quaddicted
MQ mirrormaid

DDE3.pak has been released; get it from Here
2007-05-19, 03:22
would be nive if any of these links actually works
2007-05-19, 03:24
The music, the graphic, the sync, the frags, the skilllevel!! everything was top notch.

How can any1 top this, or how can any1 come even close to this movie

I give it a 5, gotta watch it again
2007-05-19, 03:24
henri, they will in time, pez said around 12-15 cet tomorrow (saturday)
2007-05-19, 03:57
why tease us with non working links?
2007-05-19, 04:00
pez did an amazing job, well done.
2007-05-19, 06:06
Amen def. Great video. Fantastic work, pez.
2007-05-19, 07:59
really nice movie, one of the best quake movies ever.
2007-05-19, 08:01
wtf, since when am i from denmark?
2007-05-19, 08:09
no link works
2007-05-19, 09:42
links dead :/
2007-05-19, 10:14
Let's bittorrent or smth?
2007-05-19, 12:01
links will come up in 15 min
2007-05-19, 12:10
one more joke?
2007-05-19, 12:19
Plain .avi link imo. So people can watch it while downloading. Nobody cares about .nfo or divx-installer.exe or screenshots or sample.avi or readme-first-you-fuckers.txt...
2007-05-19, 12:20
sry miikkaeh, will be rar
2007-05-19, 12:42
proz -k 100 --no-curses <sassa url>
72.32% 1081228Kb/1495019kb 7735.000Kb/s ETA 00:53

gotta love linux <3.

Btw uploading to TPB when im done.
2007-05-19, 12:42
cough torrent cough
2007-05-19, 12:52
I think with 6 direct mirrors you should get it wayyy faster than with a torrent

Amazing job Pez... as usual!
2007-05-19, 12:57 - medium
2007-05-19, 13:04 - HQ
2007-05-19, 13:05
thnx xatah
2007-05-19, 13:10
Watch DDE directly or download it fast on (Flashstream & Download)

enjoy !
2007-05-19, 13:15
thnx defcon_5
2007-05-19, 13:18
torrent should give fastest download now
2007-05-19, 13:21
torrrent link.
2007-05-19, 14:13
models etc have been released
2007-05-19, 14:49
ill seed some aswell.
2007-05-19, 14:54
Heheh, piratebay makes it look undoubtefully more hot, but would server the purpose well too
2007-05-19, 15:05
seen the movie several hours ago and the euophoric phase has passed for a more rational analysis of the video.

content - awesome! (but way2many TB3 frags)
3D rendering stuff - awesome!
editing - ok, but i've seen better from pez
config - ok (a little too dark. i liked the Kyu.One / Mortuality config better)
music - ok
quality - ok (hmm.. but i think it wasn't necesary or justified to make it 1024x768 @ 40fps, really. Mortuality quality was nice without being so filesize heavy.)

overall it is a great movie, but it feels like it didn't live up fully to the hype.. at least for me (i liked Mortuality a little more)

great job nonetheless and thank you pez for another major title in the history of Quake movie making! <3
2007-05-19, 15:35
Nice effects and cool ideas merged with Hans Zimmers "Nycteris"-Sound result in a very nice intro.
But the Main-Part of DDE3 was disappointing. Endless sequences of Frags which were mostly presented in a bad look.
Together with this unbelievable poor music (a bit synchro-work with the frags would be nice) this movie ended up in a boring composition.
Pity that pez couldnt dispose so much work in a better result.
2007-05-19, 15:54
same here
2007-05-19, 16:00
VERY NICE! gg pez : ) but, red numbers @ low life would have been better ^^ but again, super super
2007-05-19, 16:01
The size of the movie is only 1.5x bigger then for example the size of the The Boss movie, therefore it's more then acceptable, plus it really contains the quality. Frags were just awesome, I'd never dream of seeing something like that, after playing this game for so many years, I am amazed again. Also the position of camera was chosen very well, for non-QW players it has to be quite clear what's going on in the game.

But what I would highlight the most is the atmosphere and overall image.This movie keeps the original Quake atmosphere and look which many movies didn't manage to achieve or keep while trying to look stylish. Mortuality looked stylish but it wasn't QuakeWorld we play everyday, it was a trip to overbrighten future. I can't uderstand why so many ppl put weird textures, models and sounds into their configuration, they turn this game into something that is not Quake but a game they want to create. DDE3 is a showcase of original fresh breathing QuakeWorld. Textures, models, skins, effects, lighting, everything must have been chosen with perfectionism. QuakeWorld just IS dark, it's not negative, it's a fact.

Note: I had to turn off Deblocking option in my Xvid decoder settings. Without it the movie was lagged, the sound was off, my 2400+ CPU couldn't handle it. Maybe this is why some people say the music doesn't match or that the movie looks slow? engl: The music matches perfectly in lots of moments.
2007-05-19, 16:12
One little error: the aspect ratio differs in the intro/interlude from the actual gameplay content part. Especially noticeable at 00:43 when it switches to "intro mode" the player model gets streched out in 4:3 (which aspect ratio the gameplay content is in), but it looks ok in 16:9.

Anyway, what's the point in this resolution? I mean, it's 16:9 but it's not proper widescreen, it is just sqeezed vertically from 4:3 to 16:9. So you have to strech it out to 4:3 again to watch it properly. Is it for keeping the file size lower?
2007-05-19, 17:05
n1 torrent - goes up to 200/210 kb/s and then immediately decrease to ~90
2007-05-19, 17:07
Few words as the past showed me that detailed criticism on movies is nothing but a waste of time.

-Distracting annoying noisy soundtrack except for rare good moments
-fugly textures and effects, weird blood, coronas blocking the view
-many "wait, i have seen this 20 times in other movies already" scenes and "tricks"
-weird transitions
-filesize is nothing but insane, same goes for the the resolution
-why put a hud in there if it is so small that it does not matter anyways

+I liked the action in the outro though, that kind of stuff in entertaining.
+advertising ezquake

don't bother replying to this comment or criticising me, I just wanted to get my thoughts out but won't care to elaborate for the millionth time. :x
2007-05-19, 18:11
why hate?
2007-05-19, 18:13
2007-05-19, 19:03
Some of the frags were already in DDE2, but overall a really nice movie!
2007-05-19, 19:03
Spirit, I personally think you don't have a single negative point about this movie that applies to me.

I actually enjoyed the soundtrack, loved the graphics, thought the skin was a high quality, faithful choice. Yes, there were a FEW frags from other videos but not that many. I think I counted four clips of def's from "Fragged by North America" by Adamllis and one of dag's from QHLAN Video 2. Other than that, I didn't see any other negatives. The file size is actually quite good when you consider the quality and the resolution isn't insane. I don't know many people anyone who doesn't run at least 1024x768 in Windows. I don't know how you can hate the hud. It's small so it doesn't take up the screen but it provides a very appealing visual without cluttering. And that bloom wasn't overused at all... Did we watch the same video?
2007-05-19, 19:15
hehe Im starting to ask the same question PlaZmaZ!

I thought the movie was excellent!

can understand if ppl dont like the taste of the music but it fit perfectly with the movie.
2007-05-19, 19:46
I will say the same thing I said on ESReality. Details can always be nitpicked, but when things are _this_ good, it is a definite mark of success.
2007-05-19, 20:45
I enjoyed the movie, it was good, but I was expecting something more. Pez, you can do it better (f.e. Mortuality, or Event Horizont 2 were much better), so why did you do this slow piece of cs? Frags were nice, but the style, in which they were showed, that sucked.
2007-05-19, 21:32
This video is mainly pez jacking off. Worth a watch, but then worth a delete.
2007-05-19, 21:38
Loved: special effects, editing, transitions between songs, frags

After some great content I was waiting for a great finale but the trickjumping part was a huge letdown, it just seemed to go on forever with similar tricks repeating themselves which made me lose concentration and miss the fine ending (fast forwarded to 14:35 the second time I watched the video) on my first viewing.

p.s. I really hope you get paid someday doing this pezzz, great work
2007-05-19, 21:38
I liked the movie too as most of the people who saw it. Although the soundtrack was horrible. I don't understand how ANYONE with a sane mind can put death metal in a gaming video.. cmooon. It rips your ears out and you can't focus on anything except how bad and noise it sounds.

Also anyoned toyed with the idea to decrease ingame action to like 90% ? =D Fuck it was fast, some of the aciton i missed cause it happend too fast. esp those with picture-in-picture mode. I agree the hud was so small you couldnt really read it, but didn't matter much. Who cares what hp or armor he has, it's only a snapshot of a game where the frag is in focus, not his status. Awesome stuff with the playermodel coming to live, creative and unexpected. I like to see more of that in QW movies. Outtro was a nice breathe of fresh air from the death metal. You only thought was "ahhh finally". Well ofc. AC/DC rocked =)
2007-05-19, 21:43
Although I agree with some of the criticisms, overall it's a very well-edited movie. Why does def have the f] tag in one of the clips?!? :X
2007-05-19, 22:58
I love Fired. My tribute.
...eternally yours /f]def
2007-05-20, 01:45
this moive roxxxx end of story!
2007-05-20, 10:06
MQ transfered 21.5GB from Quaddicted. That's ~30 downloads. It wasn't linked very prominentely though.

btw I encoded it to x264 and ogg plus resize to ~500xsomething just for fun -> 250MB. Looks almost good enough for me (it was single-pass as I didn't wanted to wait all day), 500MB would be been absolutely enough.
2007-05-20, 10:13
I loved it. Absolutely a piece of QW-movie history. I don't have anything bad to say, why complain when no one else has ever tried to make something near as fine. It's just.. awesome.
2007-05-20, 13:15
500 kB/s with torrent --> nice!
2007-05-20, 13:48
Very nice movie. Personally I didn't enjoy the DM2 wall texture which in itself created a weird effect when the player moved his pov around quickly (which happends all the time in QW) , especially in the quad area. Sortof like an optical illusion but it may just be my eyes =). I think the bar has been raised as to what people will expect from now on but looking at the temporalpictures team you need some manpower to be able to pull this off. Good job guys!
2007-05-20, 16:33
production is great, but content is boooooring
also i didn't like the soundtrack, too agressive
2007-05-21, 09:48
Really great work and effects. I hate to critise and am normally slow to do so. But the soundtrack was shockingly bad. Well the first half was anyway. Way way too heavy.

That music outside of qw is fine but it wasnt even in sync with the frags and was a total distraction. It really put me off the movie itself and I normally dont worry about the music. If we want to advertise qw as a great game we have to get with the times.
The music has to be someway in sync with the action and not just there for the sake of it.

Other than that fair play on the great work. Would love to be able to put together something as impressive as that. Respect!!

Edited by pleuraXeraphim on 21 May 07 @ 10:49CET
2007-05-21, 16:35
because of fucking BT i missed the release of this! will d/l it sometime, but about the music, you can't please everyone although from the above comments i'm not looking forward to the audible experience
2007-05-21, 19:36
nice movie, too bad the sound was one of the worst ever used in a qw movie :-/
2007-05-21, 23:12
I enjoyed it.
2007-05-22, 11:43
Yes, an enjoyable movie that makes you want to play QW outright. Although i must say that, as impressive as the frags and tricks are, those kind of movies are getting a bit stale...
And about the music - go listen to Scissor Sisters you pop wussies!
2007-05-22, 16:41
013. Scissor Sisters - [#02] I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (Teenage Bad Girl Remix)
2007-05-22, 19:33
quakeworld malfunctioned is my absolutely favorite qw movie of all times and it has an elite soundtrack which is perfectly synced with the action as well. dde3 didnt manage to keep this up, although the rest of the movie is excellent as well. nice job pez
2007-05-22, 22:06
If anyone cares, blueyonder also has FTP access as well as the HTTP that is linked:
2007-05-23, 05:32
By far the best qw movie i have ever seen. Why do ppl even care about the music.. its so indivdual. I dont think i ever have heard any good music in a qw movie. (Some D-beat hardcore in a qw movie would have been kickass thoug)
I had some frinds over when the download was complete, they have never played any fps games, but they where quite stocked over the movie.
2007-05-25, 22:31
asså det är bara för ni är kussiner typ dag def
2007-05-28, 06:32
I'm sure the audio sync problems are client-side and are not in control of pez. I.e. the computer cannot keep up with all the data.

I'm still downloading I wonder if it is possible to create multiple audio tracks for multiple tastes and ship them in the same .avi for people to choose? In VLC when you open a video there is an Audio menu where you can select Disable, Track 1... I imagine Track 2 is possible as well? This would be a lot more work but it would also satisfy a lot more people and increase the replay value...

Woop, gotta catch my flight mow->nyc
2007-05-29, 11:17

Special metion about the music: it was fine. I'm not into death metal but the tracks fit well. That doesn't mean that other type of music wouldnt fit good also
2007-06-29, 11:08
Great movie.
2007-07-05, 00:55
Finally it arrived haha.

Very neat video FX,
some good soundtracks, some bad ones.
Nice quake gfx
HDTV! :-)
Lil bit too fancy styled DDE3 title, but still okay.
Yeah, sync! (altough I'd like to see more moves sync instead of FX sync)

The movie was a bit flipped some times, It felt like the movie was in a hurry to catch the train.

Far better than the DDE3 footage I've got on my DVD here (avi files from july 2004) Yeah thats right, A long long time ago I've received the DDE3 demo files to make a movie out of it. But unfortunately Def and me had some disagreements about the freedom of creativity I could have in the FX and especially the soundtrack.

Good job Pez!
Finally a QW movie with respectable sync and FX. Hurray
2007-08-13, 18:55
Hi folks,i just downloaded the dde3 hud files,but i dont know what to do with a certain file called HUDEY.PSD , How can i load this file?thank you
2010-02-23, 19:00 is the DL location for HQ as of Feb 23rd, 2010
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