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deurk  /  16 Mar 2011, 07:44
Race gets a revamp
Even if race is not one of the most played QW mode among the available play modes in KTX, the skills required to be the fastest at the bottom of some slopes still call some people for competition.

Click read more to know why the newest KTX will make racers happy...
KTX's race just got quite a lifting recently and before releasing KTX 1.37, we would like interested players to have a good look at this new version and find all the little bugs we probably let slip by.

Among the new things brought by this revamp that are listed just below, our main focus was to allow for a smoother and easier player experience, as well as improve functionalities. Here is what we came up with:

- Easy ways to get in/out of line or cancel race
- 10 best server scores saved for every map
- Display of top scores details
- Anti-idling
- Race speccing (players in line can follow current racer)
- Multiple speccing POVs (got to try the "backpack" ride with free look on!)
- Easy player side creation of new routes
- New route markers (easier to see and follow)
- Silent server demo autorecording
- Consolidation of command syntax

Of course all of those add up to the existing features already available before, ending up in a pretty nice racing package for interested players.

Of course of all that needs some extensive testing, and if you have a few minutes, why don't you give it a try and give us feedback. Here's how:

Connect to one of the following servers:

Load a racing map, let's say slide5.bsp ("/slide5" command) and turn race on ("/race" command). Invite some buddies to join you, it's funnier when you are several, and to get in line just use the regular "/ready" command. To cancel a run if you fell in lava or something, just "/kill" yourself, and if you want to take a break, use the usual "/break" command to get out of line. It's that easy!

You can also check all the new race commands by listing all the commands that start with "race_".

Make a few runs, try to beat records, do silly things and please report as much as possible bugs and missing features, as well as general feedback. We'd love to hear what you have to say.

The following URLs are at your disposal for feedback:
- For bugs and features requests:
- For general feedback:

2011-03-16, 08:36
Werent those slopes used for a mod called "slide" originally?

You used some sort of hoverboard and tried to slide down the fastest possible, alltho some ppl could be camping in the slopes to try and ruin your run.

We used to play it alot on lans back in 98-00
2011-03-16, 08:40
2011-03-16, 08:46
Yup, those slopes were indeed from the slide mod. They work as well for the race one
2011-03-16, 11:03

Even more excellent that you reseted the scores at qw-dev server since Milton's scores were obviously done with some sort of speedhack.
2011-03-16, 17:17
Now we need some new racing maps and start a new tourney.
2011-03-16, 21:48
anni: +1!
2011-03-18, 13:56
I tried some racing, and something in server/client has changed slightly from slide challenge in 2004. So records dont really compare. I think it has to do with fps-independent physics allowing you to move as fast as possible all the time. But it is really just guessing.

deurk did u make new routes or did u find the old ones (for slide1. that is. Think i have em buried somewhere. will look later.
2011-03-18, 15:12
Willgurht, yes, physics have slightly changed, that's why i did not reproduce the "slide" part with the sruf and all to avoid confusion.

Regarding routes, i think i digged them from all ones but if you find any route, just send them to me and i will double check with what is in ktx!
2011-03-19, 16:33
Should work on too.
2011-03-19, 17:27
isn't it fallbunny difference and not stable fps?
2011-03-19, 18:39
Is it possible to implent a ghostrunner of the fastest time? That would help to improve my times
2011-03-19, 21:11
anni, that's a great idea: open a ticket for it!
2011-03-19, 21:13
Added more ports to the list.
2011-03-19, 22:57
ruskie, sc2004 was played using fallbunny=on.
2011-03-20, 01:19
I would have something better than a ghostrunner.. how about watching the fastest run from first point of view...

So it's like i'm doing it myself, then i could really see first hand the details of the run
2011-03-20, 01:23
would especially be handy on those tricky trick maps!!
2011-03-20, 07:54
btw im doing faster dm6 run than Para, now I can lay back and relaxe
2011-03-20, 09:34
Para, wouldn't that be the purpose of the demo recording?
2011-03-20, 13:54
Installed my mapping tool!
2011-03-29, 13:26
Demo recording is fixed! Now you can review records.
Have fun
2011-04-02, 17:40
The only major difference I've noticed is that you can't make a false start anymore. It sure makes it easier but, in my opinion, also more enjoyable.
I'm glad the old champion daan is back so we can expect some good toptimes soon.
Thanks for the mod deurk!
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