Rikoll  /  14 Mar 2011, 17:20
ShowDown: Winner's Bracket final
After some exciting matches, some not so exciting and some walk overs, it is now down to the Winners Bracket final stage in the season two of ShowDown.
In the WB semi-finals, we saw Marklar surprise many by beating bps 2-0 (demos). I guess at least many didn't expect Marklar to take home aero, and it could be a sign that this fin is serious about his business.

In the other semi-final, I could advance after winning 2-0 vs Avenger on ztndm3 and dm2 (demos). As expected both maps started really tense and it took a while before the first frag happened, but from my view, Avenger seemed somewhat rusty and couldn't keep up to the phase at times. Although, I'm sure only a fool would underestimate him in the Losers Bracket, since with some proper warm up and better preperation I still belive Avenger to be able to beat anyone.

In the Losers Bracket, we've seen:

Locktar vs Maga (2-0)
Maks vs Omny (2-0)
Lakso vs Witka (2-0)
Hagge vs VVD (0-2!)
Lakso vs Andeh (2-0 (Andeh's blog)
and my favorite of those:
Kingpin vs Locktar, that ended in a classic dm2 overtime match.

ShowDown 2nd season WB Final

Wednesday 16th of March @ 20:00 cet

Marklar wiki vs. Rikoll wiki

I've never played an official duel against the legendary Marklar as far as I know, and I have a lot of respect for this player. Not only because of his good manners and witty comments, but also because his smart and clever play, and ability to stay at the top in both 4on4 with CMF and 1on1 as shown in this tournament.

Me on the other hand can act like a dick sometimes, and even though pretty "fresh" in the scene, I'm probably one of the most active players throughout the last year or two, and I have no plans to cut my opponents any slack by slacking myself so close to the end of this tournament.

Quite different players on the other hand, and I gotta be honest and say I'm not quite sure what to expect. I know I'm stronger on some maps (dm4 and probably ztndm3), but with Marklars defeat over bps on Aerowalk & dm2, and the fact I know he's a good dm6 player which is perhaps my weakest map, this might turn into an exciting 5 maper. I hope for my activity and winning instincts to draw the longest straw. People who cheer for Fifi should hope his routine and clever tactics will make his day, cause I feel very confident with my aim atm and think Fifi would have a hard time matching me in an equal stack, head-on-head fight on most maps.

Loser's Bracket:
I personally really look forward to see what the underdogs VVD and Maks can do vs Lakso & Locktar. The continuation of those, with bps facing the winner of VVD vs Lakso, and Avenger facing the winner of Maks vs Locktar, also promises for good matches. Specially, should Locktar fence off Maks in his fight, Locktar vs Avenger is a game with loads of history behind it and quite a bit of drama drama.

GL & HF to all remaining players, and let us know if you got something scheduled!
2011-03-15, 04:11
the LB games should be pure WO's for locktar and lakso, anything else would be sick.
And as you hinted in the last paragraph, it probably looks like a game between Locktar and Avenger.. *SWEEETNESS*!!

bps vs lakso, internal SD dispute, also hot stuff. lakso is really more known for his tactical approach and gamestyle in 4on4, not his 1on1 skills. But he's moving up the ranks there as well. Can bps stop him?

I guess it's betwen bps, locktar, avenger, fifi and rikoll... Didn't follow a single game from this tournament - Think it's about time to start speccing this shite.. see you Wednesday!
2011-03-15, 08:32
#1: Don't underestimate underdogs with a burning desire to win. But yeah, they're still underdogs

#2: Ofc I will! Get a QW tournament going for this years TG and I'll pack my bags and show them newbies what a real FPS game is like and how it should be played as well. Been a while since Cataclysm beat Freeman in the TG'99(?)final now. Epic DM2 big room roof camping on 1-0 lead . Weird how all those Norwegian players just stopped playing suddenly..
2011-03-15, 09:57
Thanks for the ! Rikoll, and of course for a nice article!

Finally the last noob (me) is out and it's time for the pro players to give the spectators what they want. I have a hard time seeing anyone taking this away from Rikoll, but it sure aint going to be easy for the Norwegian! GL 8)
2011-03-16, 10:01
Fifi !!!
2011-03-16, 14:27
As much as I like Rikoll's style I want Fifi to win it all... in my oppinion he has all it takes to make a successful duel player, of only he would take duels more seriously (very much like his clanmate Fix in this regards). Go girl !!
2011-03-16, 15:22
hah worry not, I will give my absolute best possible performance. if i fail, its not because i didnt take the game seriously, its because i wasnt good enough

i think that tactically im miles ahead but rikolls edge in aim is also quite big... i dont have high hopes for winning dm4 but other maps i believe im a favourite in
2011-03-17, 18:53
2011-03-17, 21:46
Fifi nooooo (

Worry not... there is still a chance, now please own up the losers bracket !
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