Rikoll  /  3 Mar 2011, 20:59
ShowDown season 2 closing in
After a somewhat slow start to the tourney, it has finally seemed step up a phase lately with many matches being played in both the Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket.

*** UPDATE ***

Rikoll vs Avenger scheduled for Sunday 13.03 22:00 CET !
Thanks to VVD stepping up and helping out on admins duties, we've witnessed good games in both the Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket, and W.Os handed out in a controlled manner. Even though the Losers Bracket is still somewhat behind schedual, the Winners Bracket has already reached its Semi final stage:

bps wiki vs. Marklar wiki (aka Fifi):

bps took home a surprisingly comfortable 2-0 victory vs. Kingpin in the quarters. Earlier history have shown that Kingpin usually got the upper hand on aero, bps on dm4, and that the rest of the maps are quite even with bps having a slight edge. Even though Kingpin just got some new hardware prior to the match that he hadn't got used to, it is quite clear that bps looks to be in good shape

Marklar on the other hand, struggled in his quarter vs the underdog Maks. While many might be surprised by this, I am not since from my experience Maks surely can beat almost any player on any map on a good day. Marklar has also earlier shown great tendencies by beating the legend, Locktar, earlier in the tournament.

So don't miss out on this one, ladies! This promises for an intense nail biter.

Rikoll wiki vs. Avenger wiki:

With only one map loss vs Maga so far in the tourney, I'm feeling quite confident atm, specially after winning my quarters vs Swedish div0 superstar, Hagge in a fashionably way. I'm also really looking forward facing Avenger in an official, since I know what this guy is capable of, and that I know I really need to put up a really good performance to best this guy in a BO3.

Avenger on the other hand hasn't lost a single map yet, with an arguably easier path to the semis, with his first match of the tourney vs. his kinsman er, as his toughest challenge so far. I'm also sure Avenger is really eager to prove his worth by beating me, and I expect some really tense maps with loads of
and nerves. Again ladies, make sure to not miss out on this one!

In the LB we got a really interesting series of games, starting with Locktar vs Xenic, the winner facing Maga, and the winner of that again facing Kingpung. It will also be interesting to see how far interesting players such as Lakso, Hagge and Maks will go

GGs so far! Give VVD a big hug next time you see him for getting this show down the right path again. GL HF everyone!

ShowDown season2
2011-03-03, 21:01
Oh. If you know in advance when you're gonna play your game, be sure to let us know!
2011-03-03, 21:36
It would be nice if the remaining games would be announced in advance so the fans can watch them on QTV
2011-03-04, 05:25
Anyways GO Fifi !!!
2011-03-04, 07:32
Omg, gl against avenger.. it ought to be a good one 8)
2011-03-04, 08:31
i can has bps-kp aerowalk demos? kthnx
2011-03-04, 10:59
nice write up Rikki, always nice to read.
fifi and I played our game last night though, I guess you missed that. Having busy irl schedules leaved us no other option than to play it with no warmup and on the spot:

looking forward to the ave-rik game, could be a real good watch!
2011-03-04, 14:37
to be honest I had plenty of warmup... played eql just before our game

and unless the qw stats page is lying, you played 7 rounds of warmup!
2011-03-04, 15:00
correct correction mr.marklar! I actually meant the mental preparation, since we suddenly had to play NOW instead of 21:30 as was planned. I couldn't handle the sudden stress I suppose. well played btw!
2011-03-04, 15:06
Uh uh, TerodokS liekeis :E
2011-03-05, 07:34
#5: here you are
2011-03-05, 18:12
Omg, so many lies by bps
2011-03-08, 01:48
Thanks, Rikoll! :-]

Hagge, when u can to play?
May be 08.03.2011 22cet?
2011-03-08, 10:27
Hagge is gone until 09.03.2011 atleast
2011-03-08, 10:27
sorry, i mean 10.03.2011
2011-03-08, 13:41
Ok, deadline is 11.03.2011 - I'll wait.
2011-03-11, 15:12
VVD is really cool. He has helped me administer my tournaments in the past. I just want to thank VVD for all the hidden quiet help he is doing throughout the years, you rock!
2011-03-13, 17:39
Well, I just dl'ded from Dybbuk Gehenna #1, demos 713 - 721 Rikoll vs Avenger on Aero, DM2, ZTN and a bunch of DM4's. I fastforwarded most cause it was pretty one sided: Rikoll won all of them except for about 2 DM4's that Avenger won. Avenger's fav comment was 'zzzz', which he seems to be his fav when losing.
The demo dates were 11-03-13 so I guess it was done last Saturday night (past midnight). Anyway, this is probably gonna be pretty boring tonight except when they play DM4.
Also: demo nr. 737 is Avenger vs Zombie (Buffy) and Avenger had quite some trouble against Zombie for quite a while, except at the end. Zombie is on an old laptop BTW...
Don't get me wrong, I usually like to see Avenger play, but without Milton, in-shape Reppie, and ...(?)... the like, Rikoll is probably gonna win this pretty easily. But... I hope I'm wrong.
2011-03-13, 18:05
Weird... rikoll just said he didn't play yet. So I guess these demos were from another date. Still weird why it displays that date then... I'm not even on drugs...
2011-03-13, 18:51
#18: Probably some weeks old demos. Anyways, its on for today @ 22:00 cet. Avenger is probably a tougher opponent in officials than in casual games, so I for one takes nothing for granted. I think and hope I'll win ofc
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