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JohnNy_cz  /  1 Mar 2011, 20:15
ezQuake 2.1 beta 1
First beta-version of the QuakeWorld client ezQuake has been released this weekend. The ezQuake team would like to encourage as many players as possible to give this beta-version a try.
There are a few new major features and changes, like for example whole new linux sound support ported from fodquake, or a couple of new HUD elements, plus lots of smaller new features and fixes.

This client IS allowed in EQL 13 as per the client rules

Download | Changelog | Bug report
2011-03-01, 20:17
The bug report link does not seem to work at this moment (oh the irony), hopefully this is just temporary problem.
2011-03-01, 21:28
Thanks for the new beta version, the changelog reads very interesting.
2011-03-01, 22:24
Does this report bug feature really work? This build keeps crashing for me all the time when it starts :/
2011-03-01, 23:22
> add megahealth and 15 health pikcup sounds to f_modified
OMG. Why did you do it?
Big part of the community use custom sound for the mega.
2011-03-02, 00:59
So? Its up to league admins to set rules, the check can still be done. I'm guessing it is to prevent timer sounds or smthing.
2011-03-02, 01:20
I can't see how you can time mega, since it's dependent on when it runs out, not when it's picked up.

And big part of community to hae modified sounds for mega? lol
I highly doubt that.. there is a bunch of ppl that have the modified sound without even knowing it
2011-03-02, 08:10
osx build plz?!
2011-03-02, 11:08
Para: That part was towards 15h pickup sounds, not that i know why anyone would do that but..
2011-03-02, 13:55
fog: no blaze's part was directly toward megahealth only, not small hp.
"blaze: Big part of the community use custom sound for the mega."
2011-03-02, 14:13
#9 HAHA, big hit in missunderstanding here.

I said one reason might be to prevent timer sounds in response to B1aze "Why"-question.
Then you said it's impossible to make timer sound for mega, and I said i didn't mean that you could do it for mega, but rather 15hp boxes

Kk? Hug?
2011-03-02, 16:31
Wouldn't that just end up in an annoying mess considering there are quite a few healthboxes on a map?
2011-03-02, 19:02
As for 15 health box the situation was clear: 25 health box was already there, so it didn't make sense to only check one of them. As for megahealth sound, there was a discussion I think on IRC about the custom megahealth sound that's I think used in nQuake which is easier to hear on longer distances. Personally I don't consider this topic closed, especially in regards to how other clients (do not) check sounds - for instance FTEQW, as far as I know, only checks/ensures the length of the sound, not it's loudness. I hope a consensus will be found.
2011-03-02, 19:26
Im just happy there are ppl still developing this game. Well done everyone who does it!
2011-03-02, 19:26
Just a question: If you make a mega pickup sound that is equal in volume over, lets say, 10 sec, would it still play if you move closer to where it was picked up even if you didn't hear it when it actually was picked up?
2011-03-02, 20:39
Sounded a bit like: If a man speaks his opinion out loud but no woman is there to hear him, is he still wrong?
2011-03-03, 00:17
I can't say for the whole community, but in Russia it was the base distributive of QW for every newcomer. Like nquake, And same as NQuake this distributive was with custom sounds. And I honestly believe that more than 50% of all RU players have custom sound of mega and used to it.
2011-03-03, 07:15
I think adjusted sounds should be allowed as long as they don't cross the sound rules, like loudness/length.

If they do then I consider it cheating and fight as hard against as I can! (c) Sassa
2011-03-03, 09:16
thx for this release !
2011-03-03, 09:58
thx for the release, but the mac osx version crashing after you press 'play' on about screen. macbook pro3,1, snow leo.

can u pls fix it?
2011-03-03, 10:19
about m_modified again, mainly to #16 Blaze: Isn't it just good that the client reports as much as possible of what that is modified so that info could be available, and then the league / tourney admins decides what is allowed or not (preferably after discussion / voting by players playing their leagues ofc)? At least to me that seems to be the right path to go.

Still didn't get an answer to my question, though. I notice it wasnt well written, but I think it's quite clear what I asked about anyway.
2011-03-03, 12:27
I think most american players use the custom megahealth sound that came with def's quakeworld package. All 3 of us. But still the majority of us. Maybe we can vote/add on megahealth sounds that would be able to pass f_modified?

Thanks for your hard work on the release!
2011-03-03, 18:50
Seriously I can't even believe there is a debate about this, I used to use a replacement megahealth sound, then it got added to f_modified, so I removed it, end of story. You shouldn't be using this type of stuff.
2011-03-03, 20:38
Sometimes people are used to stuff like this.

I remember when I started to play qw after some break, I just download NQuake and everything annoys me. So I tried couple of other qw distrs and stopped playing. Few months later I found my old distributive and everything went smooth.
After that I found the reason - standard explosion sound makes me nuts. It was not just sound that makes a game uncomfortable for me like the standard sound of elevator, it is a critical feature for me and I just can't play without it (custom explosion sound).

Personally, I like the idea to check just volume and length of sounds.
2011-03-03, 21:03
Yeah, explosion sound is very annoying.
2011-03-04, 15:59
Seems like there is a problem with the compiler used for 32bit linux builds. Errors will occur when trying to playback an MVD demo or watch QTV. A new binary will soon be up for that. (64bit is not affected).
2011-03-04, 16:22
What HangTime said.
2011-03-05, 23:22
Aight, linux 32bit package updated.
2011-03-07, 01:02
all standard crosshairs blurry, and skybox don't load (r_skyname) (linux & win builds)
2011-03-07, 08:55
Likely reason for crosshairs being blurry is the addition of "gl_texturemode2d" which defaults to gl_linear. Change it to gl_nearest to make everything blocky again.
2011-03-08, 02:02
@ stev <3

and the new linux sound setup is great thanks
2011-03-08, 02:26
woo! GPL maps support..
2011-03-08, 13:45
>> add megahealth and 15 health pikcup sounds to f_modified
Who ask for this feature?
~10 years of game this custom mega sound and must change it back on original?
And that about resample project - convert all sounds to 44100/48000Hz - it "out of the law"?
2011-03-09, 20:24
YESSSS!!! Default souds rules!
2011-03-13, 17:33
As for the megahealth sound ->

Edited by JohnNy_cz on 13 Mar 11 @ 18:33CET
2011-03-23, 10:51
go JohnNy_cz, go EZQ team! big thanks to y'all.
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