ParadokS  /  28 Feb 2011, 06:32
EQL 13 week 2 review
Let's take a look at week 2 of the European Quake League Season 13 week 2. A total of 43 matches have been played in EQL13 so far, and only 8 of those were played during week 1. Seems the activity has picked up and we will do our best to catch you up right here.
Division 3 - overview

The 2 most active teams in this divisions are also the 2 most likely teams to take the top spot. Paras and Concept BlitzKrieg both have 5 matches played but with cBK with an amazing frag difference of over 1200. Unfortunately the results have been tainted as cBK has been discovered as nothing but a fraud. Players faking to get into lower division and just in generel being lame. More on this topic and hopefully a follow up on this can be found at EQL news.

Wtihout cBK it looks like machinery will most likely be the biggest threat to Paras.

As for the rest of the division the new Russian team Aut Vincere Aut Mori has also been pretty active, although collected 5 out of 5 losses with a straight 10 map loss. Hard start on the season for these guys.
Although a couple of those losses were taken against the top teams, so lets hope they can bounce back and regain some honor against the rest of the field.

In the middle of the pack we have Fallen Angels with not a single match played yet. Probably due to the fact that Zalon has been out of the game for nearly a month now. Lets see if his return can spark some life into this, as of now, lifeless team.

Division 2 - overview
Unfortunately over half of the teams have played 0 or 1 game. This makes it hard to really distinguish the teams and their progress but i'll try my best anyway though.

Another new russian team Dinosaurus & Noobs are on the top of this board with 5 games played. But don't let that deceive you. They are only a single point ahead of lastenharha and only 2 points ahead of OClan as these 2 clans only has 3 games played so far.

Everyone has been awating the outcome of Fraggers United's request to recruit Diki. A steady player in the famous clan the Viper Squad.
The debate has been heated and arguments flying around. From what I have gathered so far, Diki was not granted access to play in FU and one might wonder if that is the reason they have not yet played a single match this season.

This division really has a lot of contenders for the top spots. And I can see at least 3 teams who haven't played any games yet, that could be candidates for that.

We will have to wait another week at least to see how this division develops - I sincerely hope that the teams shape up and get some games played ASAP.

Division 1 - overview
Activity has been better in this division as we see a fair ammount of games played throughout the board. Only Fairy Tail with only a single match is falling behind, but it seems to be expected considering their lineup.

Demoliltion Crew has taking a beating this week but seem undeterred and still motivated to take on the challenges of this tough division. Some might call DC easy prey, but with their dedication, passion and activity level they set it's hard not to think they will get better fast.

Fusion has had a rocky start this season with 2 map wins and a whopping 5 maps lost. The absence of nitram and lacsap has obviously had a big impact. Although they did recruit dimman and blAze they have not really shown much strength so far. This could partly be contributed to blAze being on vacation and should return shortly, but also in my opinion fielding weaker lineups in important games. Playing without kingpin is a big mistake as he has shown to be a great asset and a real solid 4on4 player that can make things happen on his own. Missing KP on dm3 is like playing handicapped for this team. Most notable they lost a map to TeamKillers which is to be unexpected from a team that showed such promise last season, and many predicted would be a top challenger against Slackers this season.

With 3 games played and 2 wins, Slackers II is positioning themselfs in the middle of the pack trying to secure a spot for playoffs. A win over DC and a loss to SRwere no surprising results although their 2-0 game vs TKS has to be considered their first real test this season.

clan Malfunction has taken this season in strides and as far as I know scheduled lots of games into the future securing a steady flow of great games from these finish comeback guys. So far they have taken out TKS and DC with relative ease. Only F managed to barely win 1 map on e1m2, but was totally crushed on dm3. We haven't seen much prac activity from cMF and it's like they only come out of hiding on Sundays. I'm not sure that is enough to be a serious threat this season, but cMF has a tendency to surprise when it comes to playoffs.

At the very top of the board it's no surprise this season that Slackers is sitting comfortably on the throne. So far it's been a flawless 5 games. Especially the humiliating game against CCCP shows that you have to get up early to catch SR. A surprising match indeed considered the upgrades CCCP has gotten in 3 strong swedes.

Unfortunately we did not see any games from SuddenDeath this week and I hope they too will pick up the pace, as we are moving into mid-season soon.

Remember that 6 of the 9 teams in division 1 will head off to the playoffs. I think there will be a big fight between TKS, Fusion and CCCP to see which team will be left out in the cold when we get down to the nitty gritty.

PS: My knowledge on divisions lower than 1 is limited, so excuse me if I missed some important stuff during the week
Anyone willing to help me cover the activity of div2 and div3 are very welcome to join me in next weeks EQL weekly cover!
2011-02-28, 07:26
sr vs cccp scores are wicked indeed. where is tvs?
2011-02-28, 07:36
KOFF beat SR2 on dm3 last night. I'm not an expert but I think we have a winner. \o/
2011-02-28, 07:46
Chosen will probably play today or tomorrow.

Nice article again Dave
2011-02-28, 08:15
Yep yep... I didn't get permission to join FU because Im the winner of previous EQL and FU is too strong for div2 already. Im not sure if they have noticed that their best and the most active player Niomic just switched clan. So if I want to continue playing Im forced to play in div1 clan? But I guess I have to pickup the worst clan cause it wouldn't be fair other way.
2011-02-28, 08:24
In division 1 there is only the limit of 10 players per clan stopping you. The only other things that could stop a player from joining a div1 team is that he already played a lot of games for another div1 team the same season or being banned from the league.

Since you havent played any games at all in eql13 that isnt a problem and afaik you are not banned either.
2011-02-28, 08:51
I think kingpins computer died and blaze is on holliday. I still think and hope our hottest lineups could challenge the top teams with some more practice throughout the season, but thats left to be seen. Rocky start indeed, but I expected nothing else. Hopefully we'll get some more activity going with blaze coming back again, and that kp can fix his / get a new computer, and perhaps good results in officials again as a result. Also gotta say that vs SD & cmf I felt we played their absolute best lineups, and is by far not surprised that we lost 2-0 vs them, specially not that early in the season.

GGs so far. We'll come back stronger, be sure of that :-)
2011-02-28, 10:37
Any place to download the demos of those matches?
2011-02-28, 10:45
Hehe, Demolition Crew got a nice flag from Finland btw
2011-02-28, 11:45
Great review ParadokS. Things are starting to get interesting and it's hard to predict any outcomes this early.

Ps. Why so few demos on ch-tv? Most games these days seems to be played at foppa, and since it's such a popular server the demos are gone within 24 hours. How about increasing the limit for the amount of demos? And how about clans starting to upload them to ch-tv straight after? Not everybody has time to watch the games live...
2011-02-28, 12:15
"the humiliating game against CCCP" Pardon my French, but im just guessing could there be more arrogant way to share someone's satisfaction? Ive never had such experience of such self-affirmation with other top clans, no matter how good the outcome for them was
As for us - we gonna get better, there are plenty of possibilities with our current lineups and players imo
2011-02-28, 12:37
Well, it's not my fault no one else is doing coverage of EQL, and as a natural consequence obviously I have to write something about my own team, seeing as we are in top. And losing with almost 400 frags on dm3 is not exactly normal, certainly not for div1 teams - so I thought it was nice example of our form right now. Better than mentioning game against DC for example. tHe game was also noteworthy because it was against an upgraded CCCP with new swe players, esp. moltas.

Btw, no demos on chtv cause the site sux. The upload-size limits are ridicilous so it's barely possible to upload a 2map mvd pack. I think the site kind of died out after it's 1 month downtime and site admin refusing help to get it going faster and make some decent changes. There are some ideas to integrate demos into stats site but when and how it will be done no one can say.
2011-02-28, 12:41
I'm hoping for more dimman'd gameplay and prac to get out of my über-rusty mode! But as Rikoll said, CMF looked really hot yesterday, they played dm3 really really well, and we almost managed to steal a map from them (e1m2). We did some small fuckups and didn't manage to get enough frags before deadline. But I think its a demo worth watching.

Was atleast one funny moment in that game, hlt with rl and 2 sg mates at quad, im shooting a rocket hitting hlt so he flies into mates, he shoots a rocket in his mates back and teamkills them both, then he opens his mouth and eats my rocket. Looked so ugly from my pov (around 14mins in to game i think) hehe
2011-02-28, 12:57
Mesh: It's impossible to write unbiased when writing about stuff involving yourself / own team, and as para said, no one else bothers to write anything. I think it is great that Para does these updates. To avoid getting provoked, just take it for what it is instead: An EQL update written from the view of ]SR[ParadokS. If you feel you can do a better job, I'm sure the admins would have no problems with granting you news / blog access to this site.

But yeah, I also agree somewhat with you. He appears quite satisified in an arrogant way in some of those lines, but doesn't it just feels good to get a bit provoked and feel the blood boil somewhat now and then?
2011-02-28, 13:54
At least it looked like you shook some of that rust off in the e1m2 game. Some hot action going on there for a while! A bit more consistency might be necessary though

Ah, yeah I forgot about the upload limit. Demos linked to the stats page would be great, but guess that's quite a bit project to complete? How about the EQL page, wouldn't it be possible to link demos to the games somehow, like NQR did a couple of years ago?
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