pleuraXeraphim  /  24 Feb 2011, 09:26
QTest - 15 Years on
The moment that started it all off. 15 years ago today the pre-release demo of Quake (QTest) from id Software was released. It had multiplayer support with 3 multiplayer maps (Dm1,Dm2, Dm3) no powerups, no axe, different sounds but it allowed you to create Entity Mods and custom player skins. Quake itself arrived in June 1996 with Quakeworld itself coming along in December 1996. 15 years on, the game is still alive and kicking with 36 teams competing in this seasons EQL. Hard to believe.
Q Test screenshot
2011-02-24, 09:54
Picture from my kitchen room during 4on4 games
2011-02-24, 10:20
Haha that screenshot just looks awesome! 8) Can anyone help me to get those graphical settings!!
2011-02-24, 10:29
That screenshot looks like a tapestry
2011-02-24, 11:02
The numbers and icons really kick ass Does anyone have them perhaps? (numbers mainly)
2011-02-24, 11:14
dont think i ever tried qtest

is there no axe?
2011-02-24, 12:04
Watch the early screens here - http://nostalgia.poweredbylasers.com/categories_template.php?global_page=originals&gameNo=10
2011-02-24, 13:07
NO AXE!!! That is how it was meant to be! No fruitcakes and other nutters running around with the axe trying to chop me to pieces!
2011-02-24, 14:01
It's too easy to kill you with anything else than an axe burrievurrie 8)
2011-02-24, 15:18

That's just because you all cheat with doing strafe things and bunny hoppings, while I just wiggle around there. Quake was meant to be axeless wiggles you know.... pffff pffffffff
2011-02-24, 17:49
And if someone didn't see the spam, check out this (not qw or even playable quake, but still): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh1BApxIUxo
2011-02-24, 17:51
FULL HD version of the previous + more:

2011-02-24, 18:42
can i get that look today?
2011-02-24, 21:40
lol i remember that hud. it was the shit
2011-02-24, 21:41
QTest kicked ass! I wonder if it was my first experience with the RL but was it even more powerful than it was in the final game?
2011-02-25, 07:24
Hey Quake-rocketlauncherl im really happy for you and imma let you frag but Doom had one of the best rocketlaunchers of all time, of _all_ time!
2011-02-25, 17:17
Oh... and I just uninstalled quake a minute ago
2011-02-27, 13:05
how can i get original quake-test installer?
2011-02-28, 13:01
2011-03-05, 22:56
you have to check http://www.quakeworld.net/
last newspost there is "December 21, 1998"
2011-03-08, 14:34
hagge - i used to use a qtest hud when i played. i can send it to you if you like. its actually a modified .wad or anything... doesn't use the ezquake hud config.
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