gaz  /  7 Feb 2011, 10:19
EQL 13: Unlucky for some
The European Quakeworld League (EQL) crew has today announced the opening of signups for season 13 (cue spooky music). The season will start in just over a week, on 16th February, and will run until the 3rd April. The regular 3-division season will be followed by a playoff competition in each division, as usual. Read more information about the new season and sign up your team on the EQL13 website.

EDIT: The season has started! You may play your games now!
2011-02-07, 11:18
2011-02-07, 11:53
Unlucky for some??
2011-02-07, 11:54
2011-02-07, 12:27
gaz has a thing for clever news titles
2011-02-07, 13:22
It's a clever title but methinks it's should be changed to something more descriptive, as some users might only read the title.
2011-02-07, 13:38
Damn you, I've been waiting for thirteen seasons to make that headline?!
2011-02-07, 14:26
I love it It is impossible NOT to click on the title
2011-02-07, 16:11
Was just wondering when we would see a news update about the signup here at, good work gazza!
2011-02-07, 17:23
some advanced shit going on here, thanks for explanation
2011-02-07, 22:20
yeah lol, I had to visit the wiki page as well
2011-02-08, 09:23
Isnt it common knowledge that the number 13 is considered bad luck etc in many cultures?
2011-02-09, 17:04
2011-02-11, 15:47
13th comment. omg
2011-02-14, 08:02
My comment is right after 13th, zomg!
2011-02-14, 10:59
Omg junkass got comment nr 14 on the 14th of February, which also happens to be Valentine's day - how lovely isn't that? <3
2011-02-14, 15:53
Omg hagge commented my comment, which was right after 13th. Also it happened to be on the 14th of feb, which is Valentine's day. Spooky, eh?
2011-02-14, 16:16
Getting goose bumps over here!
2011-02-15, 15:32
Did someone delete Sassas blog?
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