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JohnNy_cz  /  1 Feb 2011, 20:17
Even More
The match statistics on our stats site now support detailed match stats, as can be seen for example here (EQLro final match) or here (povdmm4).

These extended stats are available to those who use recent alpha-version builds of the ezQuake client. All existing QuakeWorld servers running KT, KTPro or KTX mods are supported.
2011-02-01, 20:56
Latest alpha messes up my sounds. Everything sounds like 22khz.
2011-02-01, 21:10
Item stats:
Arm-MH-GA Arm-MHS-YA Arm-MHS-RA Arm-MHS-MH Pwps-Q Pwps-P Pwps-R Took

Change to?:
GA YA RA MH Quad Pent Ring Took

Btw, what's "Took"?
2011-02-01, 21:15
s_linearsample 0 fixed the sound issue
2011-02-01, 21:33
change to:
G Y R MH Q P R Took
2011-02-01, 22:36
Yeah, the issue with these is that every mod (KT/KTPro/KTX) names these fields differently, even different KTX versions slightly change the format of those stats. But for convenience we will try to add some unified renaming / formatting in the future. Thanks for suggestions!
2011-02-01, 23:24
Very nice!
2011-02-02, 00:03
Great news.
Any info about support of statistics for 10x10 matches?
2011-02-02, 00:19
very hot hot
btw, welcome back(?) up2noogood
2011-02-02, 01:06
B1aze : I added in support for 10x10 etc but havent tested it yet and i know its not fully working. Sorry
Will try and get to it as soon as I can
2011-02-02, 02:11
Hey Sassa I've always lurked. I'm not "back" but during school breaks I play a little
2011-02-02, 08:30
Now we only need some nick specific login when playing so that everyone really have their own stats. I.e noone can fakenick as kingpin to boost his stats anymore!
2011-02-02, 10:28
Maybe a specific ID, the one and the only which is glued to a player. Mayeb the tats would evolve into something like thisd one day? -
2011-02-02, 13:45
...but that requires changes in the server sw iirc and would lead towards the ultimate nazi community
2011-02-02, 14:01
There are pros and cons with everything. Why would it be nazi Ake?
2011-02-02, 18:33
#11 #12: yeah, that is planned too, without the need to update servers
2011-02-02, 18:38
sounds good
2011-02-02, 19:33
sounds even better!
2011-02-03, 03:31
Wow, this is great. Really awesome work
2011-02-03, 11:35
btw: there may be an issue if you are using modified death messages. In case you notice stats dont appear for you.
2011-02-05, 11:05
Awesome, thanks!
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