ParadokS  /  27 Jan 2011, 19:20
EQL:Pro Finals
The EQLro Finals is scheduled for Sunday @ 21:00 CET. The game will be decided in a best of five map series on the big three maps.

The finals is between Slackers and Suddendeath

Details for live coverage will be possible to find here on at the day of the game.
2011-01-27, 19:24
2011-01-27, 19:55
3-0 SR
2011-01-27, 20:39
3-1 SD
2011-01-27, 20:41
yeh it will be 3-1 SD,,we will give them first map so they feel strong,,then R.A.P.E 3 in a will be an ez fest!
2011-01-27, 23:44
sorry my SD peeps but I think SR will win 3-1
2011-01-28, 06:08
asså sd som sd, vi e alla sd!

sd win 3-2 if bps TÄNDER TILL!!!
2011-01-28, 07:40
It all depends on if rkd is playing or not. With him: ez 3-0 for SD.
2011-01-28, 10:12
Imo it's all about if Para is "playing for the team" or not.
2011-01-28, 11:06
3-0 to SR Please prove me wrong!
And 3-2 to Fusion!
2011-01-28, 11:19
SD should have recruited Hagge while they had the chance!
2011-01-28, 14:35
And provided me with a monitor >
2011-01-28, 15:24
If they support Bps, as F supports Valla, 3-0 to SD but the victory requires Mawe in a good shape too
2011-01-28, 16:11
When has mawe NOT been in good shape? :E
2011-01-28, 17:14
sd-sr 3-0
2011-01-28, 22:20
3-0 SD
2011-01-29, 01:41
5-0 SD (they will give SR a chance on the remaining maps but still!!!)
2011-01-30, 10:21
funny that all people who say 3-0 to sd dont place any bets! go for it so i can get more money!
2011-01-31, 11:39
So uhm...who won...?
2011-01-31, 13:15
2011-02-01, 13:28
SD won on WO after murdoc was caught cheating.
2011-02-01, 13:58
true :<
2011-02-01, 16:17
On haxball that is, but since it's so tightly linked to QW these days, SR still lost the final on WO.
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