gaz  /  31 Dec 2010, 02:05
ShowDown season 2 opens its doors
The new kid on the tournament block, ShowDown, has recently announced that it is now taking sign-ups for a second season of its popular 1on1 competition.

Season 1 featured the standard modern dual map pool of TB5, and was won by Rikoll. The reigning champion has signed up to defend his crown in the second campaign, and other noteworthy duelists on the early list of competitors include fifi, Avenger, Kingpin and last season's runner-up, bps. Sign-up over at the ShowDown website, here.
2010-12-31, 09:55
Any news on when it starts? Haven't been able to find a startdate on the website :F
2010-12-31, 12:08
Ye, exactly, when does it start?
2010-12-31, 15:15
Ownage pls!!
2011-01-01, 19:46
Ownage pls!!
2011-01-01, 21:05
Dag pls!!
2011-01-02, 23:38
Signups for Season 2 of the ShowDown 1v1 QuakeWorld DM Duel Tournament has now opened.

Be sure to select "ShowDown 1v1 QWDM Tourney Season 2" for "Select Season:" at the top right when registering.

Signups will be held until Friday, January 7, 2010 at 24:00 CET.
2011-01-03, 00:29
We still have no date on when the tournament starts - will it be on the monday the week after?
2011-01-03, 01:03
and what happened to the mixed2on2 tourney? =(
2011-01-03, 13:57
If dag signs up it isnt me this time
2011-01-03, 14:41
Is it fistos time now? Be
2011-01-03, 14:42
2011-01-17, 23:17
Love how the admin(s) setup the bracket. Letting me and Rikoll face each other at round3?!. You can sign me off the tour, thats just bullshit. Thanks.
2011-01-21, 08:43
who told you that u are able to get so far as round3?
And what is a diferent? That u will play rikoll at 1st round or at 5th round?
If u win u will stay at winner bracet, if u loos u will go down to looser bracet.
no mather when u gonna play him effect will be same in both case.
2011-01-22, 03:03
No, not really avenger, youre missing the whole point. I guess youre happy with your bracket, I know I would.
2011-01-24, 20:11
I agree, the seedings are stupid. People are seeded after when they signed up, and nothing else is taken into consideration. Seedings play a big part of a tourney like this, and must be done if future seasons are gonna run.

Done is done, though. GL HF everyone.
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