JohnNy_cz  /  27 Dec 2010, 09:33
Retexturing project complete pack
The Quake Revitalization/Retexturing Project published the first release of a complete set of map replacement textures for Quake. The aim of the project is to replace original textures with a new faithful ones in a higher resolution and detail. The set now replaces all the existing Quake map textures. There's also a separate pack that replaces some of the item textures.

Head on to Quake Retexturing Project (QRP) website to download this unholy package!
2010-12-27, 09:42
Super Awesome! Will there be a LQ version of that pack as like the previous version too? The new homepage is sweet as well!
2010-12-27, 11:51
Only two out of twelve are active in the team and they still actually develop it? Nice.
2010-12-27, 12:13
give me tons of screenshhots plz
2010-12-27, 14:18
You can run batch conversion of textures on your own!
2010-12-27, 16:06
AAS: Yeah of course thats possible. Somewhat official would still be nice. Other people probably have figured out the best quality/size tradeoff. You won't send people a C compiler and say "just build your own client" in the future - will you? ;-)
2010-12-27, 21:26
Hmmmm... it depends
2010-12-27, 21:38
Thanks for the news item JohnNy_cz!
Just for clarification:
The 73% complete pack is the new item texture pack, i.e, replacement textures for hud, menus etc.
I do not know which percentage the last texture pack from 2007 had, but I think it was almost 95%!
2010-12-27, 22:07
Hm, seems like I got it all wrong, sorrry
2010-12-27, 22:26
np Johnny
2010-12-28, 04:44
Who is actually behind these projects, would be nice to mention some names in the newspost. This particular project i have probably heard of numerous times but I still don't know who is actually working on it
2010-12-28, 06:50
2010-12-28, 19:34
awesome, nice work!
2010-12-29, 13:04
ok then, i can see why it's hard to mention credits
2010-12-29, 15:11
WOW!!! That's a lot of hard work! Nice!
2010-12-30, 13:36
Nice work lads. Fair Play.
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