Ake Vader  /  24 Dec 2010, 11:46
Merry Christmas!
It's the 24th of December, which in many countries (Sweden at least) means today is the peak of the Christmas festivities. Take this opportunity to log out from the servers, type /quit in console and recharge your batteries with your friends, relatives and any other beloved ones you may have in time for the next action packed QuakeWorld year.

The whole QuakeWorld.nu staff wish you all a Merry, Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!
2010-12-24, 14:04
Merry X! Be Good.
2010-12-24, 14:36
Merry Christmas! Where is a link to the Christmas song by ParadokS? Be
Ps. There's nothing wrong with a bit of qw at Christmas, sometimes you get bored and need it
2010-12-24, 15:19
Merry 100-cells packs and a lot of spectacular quad bores !! Take care!
2010-12-24, 19:37
Merry Xmas from my new htc desire! ;-)
2010-12-24, 19:37
Merry Xmas from my new htc desire! ;-)
2010-12-24, 19:38
Twice. Lets see if
2010-12-24, 19:49
Note to self: dont use a phone youre not used to use with too much aquavit in your system to write on forums ;-/
2010-12-24, 19:57
I pasted it as a .spam earlier today Hagge.
I can paste it here when i get home i some hours.
2010-12-24, 22:01
2010-12-24, 22:34
Merry Christmas! I wish you all 40%+ LG !
2010-12-25, 01:06
It's still on qw.nu from 2 years ago...

QuakeWorld.nu Christmas Greeting
2010-12-25, 09:44
Rikoll spam alert! You trenger en burgir
Wow, I'm starting to miss qw alot after only a few days off here in the Swedish wilderness. What news from home? Ihminen still gathering his 10v10s? Any Good aerowalk duels going on?
2010-12-25, 12:45
It's pretty much all of Europe that has main Christmassy things on Christmas eve isn't it? Except for the poms and irish?
2010-12-26, 02:08
Christmas eve = the real shit.
Christmas day = party day with your friends.
Boxing day = recovery day.
2010-12-26, 07:41
Christmas day = family dinner
Boxing day = work
2010-12-26, 11:29
I'm home by night, any 10on10s coming up?
2010-12-26, 15:13
I need recovery
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