Ake Vader  /  18 Dec 2010, 15:20
EQL: Pro - qualifying teams
The registration for the EQL: Pro qualifiers officially closed earlier today and the EQL organization has now revealed what teams will be competing for the remaining five spots in this prestigious league. For the qualifiers, starting at 18:00CET tomorrow, we will see some expected teams along with a Slackers 2 comeback and a finnish mix team with a lot of sisu in it.
The qualifiers for the EQL: Pro is only a day away and so the registration for the qualifiers closed earlier today. Some people have raised concerns regarding the decision to have these qualifiers and league run during Christmas times as people tend to go away on holiday. The list of qualifying teams will for sure generate a few interesting matchups.

EQL wrote:

1. Quakeklan: Ok98, Dimman, Lethalwiz, TheEvilDog, Riker

2. Slackers2: Crazymac, Phrenic, Niomic, Moje, Bandit, 23

3. Easy to Kill: Derek, Niw, Pericles, Slabi, Tom

4. CCCP: Meshuggah, XN, Xpr, Moltas

5. DC: Ponczek, Pooll, Shamoth, Goniec, Chmielu

6. OJOJ VITUN HELPPO!: Sexyboy (Diki), Paska (Blaze), Obsid (Darkki), Kot (Hlt), Elliv (Fix), Marklar (Fifi), Ninjawakawakazia (Creature)

7. TKS: Soma, Medar, DDK, Squeeze, Hangtime, Snapcase

8. Fraggers United: Anza, Kassim (aka Persuader), Culkey, Dedi, Focu, Kip, Buggy

These teams will be split into two groups of three teams each. The top two in each group will go through and the two third place finishers will have to battle it out in a final decisive game for the last spot in the EQL: Pro league.

In addition to the teams battling it out for the remaining five spots there will also be Suddendeath, Fusion and Slackers first team who are already qualified.

Two teams added to the list; Teamkillers and Fragunit. There's also a schedule for the games and some additional information on that link.

Source: EQLro - The Teams
2010-12-18, 20:21
Updated with Fragunit squad after getting the information from Kippo on IRC.
2010-12-18, 21:53
quakeklan,cccp,ojoj vitun and tks will go thru!
2010-12-19, 02:45
quakeklan isnt geting 4 becaus 2 of our players left the team yesterday. lol? Anyone want to play the qualification with us? Lethal and ted is afk tomorrow.
2010-12-19, 10:23
Hagge can play
2010-12-19, 12:00
KK :E I actually just told LW that I can play for them tonight if they need me
2010-12-19, 12:18
I thought hagge was in by default he is his own 4man clan
2010-12-19, 13:24
Yes, but if I was in my own 4man clan there would be no suspense. Hence, I wasn't allowed
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