Zalon  /  10 Dec 2010, 19:23
EQL Final - Slackers vs tVS
It's final time in the European Quake League, the Division 1 final stands between two of the most legendary clans in QuakeWorld history.

Slackers vs the Viper Squad - Saturday, 18:00CET

Slackers is without a doubt the most successful team ever, having won 2 Smackdown titles, 4 NQR titles, 3 EQL titles and just recently claiming their 3rd QHLAN title.

the Viper Squad has been the dominating team for the past 3 years, winning 4 EQL titles in a row without losing a single match.

For this match however, the Viper Squad is looking to take back their throne as kings of QuakeWorld 4on4, as their 2 recent encounters with Slackers has not been going their way. Slackers won the QHLAN 14 final last month and took home a second victory over the Viper Squad during their EQL group game just a week later.

Commentators for the match will be Jehar & ddk

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2010-12-11, 03:13
Yeah, I know all of you already know everything I wrote about in the news items.... But I've been more less in bed for the past 3 days straight, so I wasn't really able to come up with two posts. This is a copy of the one I posted on ESR.

Jehar will be commentating this match, if there is anyone with a sexy voice who would like to help him out, please let me know!

Since the news item doesn't bring anything new, tell me something I don't know in the comments. Your predictions on the outcome? Is this going to be tVS' last official match?
2010-12-11, 08:58
Maybe tvs's last games with this lineup. Nevertheless, if ex. Xantom leaves someone will step in. When it comes to the outcome, if SR keep playing like in the semis, it will be a sweet 3-0 for tvs. If they come back to the QHLan shape, it should be a 5-mapper.
2010-12-11, 09:28
Very hard game to predict, both teams are good on the kenyas and AFAIK they haven't played eachother on them yet in prac or official game. So who has the upper hand here is hard to say.
The tb3 as we've seen in eql and qhlan have been tight and could go either way except for dm3 where slackers have simply been better and I expect sr to take dm3 home again in this final.

Question is which team will be most nervous thus giving up easy mistakes that undoubtedly will cost your team a map-win.
SR who has the chance to truly dethrone the king and claim the title of the best back to SR, or tVS who only has this one chance to redeem themselves for this season where they were supposed to win it all with ease as the qw-scene expected them to.

Well my prediction is that tVS wins by the simple reasoning "you don't beat tVS 3 times in a row", not that I really care either way but I'll be rooting for murdoc!
Hopefully I get to see SD kick both their asses next season on tb3 (so get your act together SD).

And for "Is this going to be tVS' last official match?" please... What a load of bullshit, butthurt that they haven't dominated this season and currently SR is better than them and now they are saying they are going to quit.. what an empty threat.
And for this whole "no one wants to prac us" situation, first of all you pretty much only had 4 active players this season, milton came back from his vacation like what, same day eql started?
So alot of the reason why you haven't pracced is on your on shoulders, not enough people. SR and F has had the same problem, but they are just much more active and have more people so they have searched for prac MUCH more often than tVS has this season, I mean I've rarely seen tVS do ".qw prac?" but I see slackers do it like every second.
I'm not saying it's not a problem for you to get pracs, I'm just saying it's a pussy move to say you will quit now because of it just because you have started to lose games.
2010-12-11, 10:32
tvs wins: cmt1,cmt4,dm3
sr wins: dm2,e1m2
2010-12-11, 10:39
Heh rkd, we have done ".qw prac?" all the time every day pretty much. The amount of members wasn't any problem, we were praccing with standins every time we just got an opponent. So sorry but that's just complete nonsense. I don't know about quitting but right now people really seem to need a break from qw, me included. I guess we'll check the situation again in January.
2010-12-11, 12:03
Zalon, this news post is perfect, please don't apologize for it
2010-12-11, 15:59
This is gonna be interesting. I'm ordering pizza.
2010-12-11, 16:09
I heard ddk is commentating, is this true?
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