Zalon  /  29 Nov 2010, 03:07
EQL Quarterfinals
The deadline for the EQL Quaterfinals was tonight, and the Division 1 boys actually managed to make the deadline! We'll have to wait until tomorrow to get the last results from the other divisions sorted out.

Anyways, it's late and I'm guessing all you care about is the demos, to avoid any spoilers I'll leave the results out and just link to the match reports, you can find demo links (with commentary) by clicking the title.

Some hot pre-coverage of the semifinals will follow tomorrow.

Oh yeah, CHTV is up! - Thanks to forsberg
Result - Demos - the Viper Squad vs Quakeklan
Result - Demos - Fusion vs Teamkillers
Result - Demos - Slackers vs CCCP
Result - Demos - Suddendeath vs Sauna

Thanks to gaz, ParadokS and HangTime for commentating!

Also, if anyone else would like to do a bit of commentating, don't hesitate to contact me, it doesn't have to be just for the div1 games, if you don't feel up for that. We can set up something for the lower tier games as well.
2010-11-29, 03:12
Sorry for the delay of the f-tks commentary pack (kingpin/valla), but I had it on my laptop which I forgot and then I lacked time to do it etc. Atleast the sd-s game went up fast

Oh right, regarding chtv - I didn't want to be an ass and thank myself in the news item and I never really care about getting credit for doing stuff. But I really feel I should get some credit for uploading _all_ the chtv demos from the dvd's I bought, because some retard threw away the harddrive! +having to listen to ParadokS whining each day to make me do it.

Anyways, if someone got some pointers regarding predictions for the semifinals (div1/div2/div3) catch me on irc tomorrow, thanks g'nite.
2010-11-29, 07:31
great work zalon!
2010-11-29, 09:13
Coverage just keeps getting better and better.
Big thanks to everyone who put their time into this game.
2010-11-29, 10:00
Jamen så syg du er Mads!!

Maybe "the CHTV is up" news should have a news item all by itself?
2010-11-29, 11:44
Maybe it should, that was also the intent, but we never got any confirmation from DonKing about the site working or not. Still it seems like some of it doesn't quite work (like staying logged in) and the last thing he said was that the whole site would be moved. The question is, will it stay up now? or will there be more downtime?
2010-11-29, 12:54
Great workS!
2010-11-29, 14:20
So what is really going on with CH-TV? Has dK completely given up on his project or what?
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