Zalon  /  6 Nov 2010, 15:59
QHLAN 14 - Finals Schedule
21:00 CET - QuakeWorld 2on2 finals
22.30 CET - QuakeWorld 4on4 finals
00.30 CET - QuakeWorld 1on1 finals

4on4: 1st: 8000sek, 2nd: 4000sek, 3rd: 2000sek
2on2: 1st: 2000sek, 2nd: 1000sek, 3rd: 500sek
1on1: 1st: 2500sek, 2nd: 1500sek, 3rd: 1000sek

Stream - More info later
2010-11-07, 12:26
So, who won?
2010-11-07, 12:49
Demosite is down. There is no information about the playoffs and no demos has been uploaded to ch-tv or anything. GG
2010-11-07, 12:50
ggs!!! home sweet home... demos!
2010-11-07, 15:22
That 4n4 final... I came..
Didn't see it live, but watched the demos... ffs.. best 4n4 final in yeeaaars. Reminded me old days. A deciding nailbiter on e1m2.

sr and tvs... thank you
2010-11-07, 15:36

All games were a spectactle, but I thought watching Paradoks on dm3 was really amazing. It was as if he went on a frenzy. Awesome moves in such an 'important' final.
Milton is the king of staying alive in situations where noone else would be able to stay alive. Sometimes it just amazing and frustating to see. "How the fuuuucccckkkk did you get out of there alive O_O".
2010-11-07, 16:34
fantastic late-night tension. big thanks to the players and organizers. this is what qw is all about.
2010-11-07, 16:47
2010-11-07, 17:06
VOD of 4on4 finals at
2010-11-07, 17:13
2010-11-07, 18:47
OMG almost home baby 30mins, gief sleep :S
2010-11-07, 19:03
VOD is slow and I can't forward it. (

Wanted to hear what the commentators had to say
2010-11-07, 20:04

Absolutely fucking amazing games. I personally would like to thank tVS, SR and fusionninjas for some really nice 4on4 games, niw, phrenic and the rest of cn are gonna be future contendors in upcoming eql's able to steal maps from the best.
The 4on4 finals were amazing, two insanely tight maps, 2 maps that were close and really only one map that became a comfortable win, and not to mention the perfect ending where the decider is decided in last 30 seconds of the game. I, as many others were afraid it would be a 3-0 or 3-1 game.
Probably best 4on4 finals I've ever seen and I've actually specced quite a few even tho I haven't played much qw myself untill recently.
So... Where are the en_karl critics now? I guess some .se was needed to take down the finns, proving once and for all sweden is the best in qw .

Tho most impressive performance in my eyes or atleast to get to see him in a such a great shape again was watching goblin play 1on1 and 2on2. He made bps his sidekick in those 2on2 finals just raping like a madman :p
2010-11-07, 22:27
If u give some time I will upload the shit somewhere :EEE
2010-11-07, 22:48
Here's the whole package - 4/4 and 1/1 Final. Map order: e1m2, dm3, dm2, dm2, e1m2 and dm4, ztndm3, aerowalk, dm2. Enjoy great games!
2010-11-07, 23:31
Thanks a lot KK! <3
2010-11-08, 10:02
grenade f**** !!!
2010-11-08, 10:07
im watching the finals now! WOW great games! i really wish that i would been staying longer so i could have watch it there!
2010-11-08, 10:19
Holy shit! I have to say that was the most epic qw 4on4 final I can remember. Both teams were playing incredible tp and with great individual performances. I was watching the game behind tVS guys with my mouth stfu and tense as hell.

My first qhlan and it went pretty well. The venue was nice and besides tournament schedules, everything went quite smoothly. Zalon put in a lot of effort to make the schedules work, but it gets really hairy when you have people participating in all the tournaments and then wanting to have all the finals in the same stream. The new date for qhlan was also nice and I really hope more people show up next year. Lornelin had some good things to say about next year and the continued collaboration with Hazard, I guess he'll make a more public announcement later.
2010-11-08, 12:42
2010-11-09, 16:19
Thanks for the Show guys!

And GZ every player

A few things though:

Stream was not so great
a.) No forward/rewind
b.) For me it was jerky
c.) What was with the cam? It was following odd guys, like 0/100 sg guys when there's Quaded player to specc.

Anyway, big hand to Phil!
2010-11-09, 18:26
>>06 Nov 2010 @ 21:59 by dk Zalon
>> ...
>>Stream - More info later

So, where are the demopacks, results, scores?
2010-11-10, 21:24
Dunno, I thought you made them?
2010-11-11, 14:19
2010-11-12, 19:43
Fan va gött bps, gratz!
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